The whole world has gone Mustache!

If I am not mistaken, it was the great theologian Lenny Kravitz who said, “Let love rule.” Well Lenster, you’ll be happy to know that is exactly what happened at Friday night’s Spring Carnival.

It was only two weeks ago that we got our hopes up for Delaney to be able to participate in a fun activity after getting her chemo, only to find that she wasn’t up to it. So Friday, we were cautiously optimistic. Because there was no lumbar puncture involved, she didn’t have to be sedated and they let receive her meds in the play area. Lucky for her they even had a magic set so The Great Daddyo was able to amaze and astound her with his magic skills (she’ll say it was “borrrrring” but trust me, she was amazed AND astounded!) The treatment was over before I even had a chance to pull a rabbit out of somewhere, and we were on our way.

Sure enough, by the time that the Spring Carnival was supposed to start, Delaney was feeling great (I’m guessing it was probably the endorphins from seeing the Best. Magic show. Ever). Her school let us set up a “Stache Station” where we had her support bracelets and my daughter Mackenzie and her friends drew mustaches on any kids that wanted them. While they drew staches on the kids, Delaney was able to run from game to game, bounce house to bounce house, and even got to pet the llama! It was while she was excitedly running through the crowd to another game that she looked up and said, “Mommy, isn’t it cool that EVERYONE has a mustache?” From about age 2-70, young babies to old ladies, people were sporting their stache while supporting Delaney. She was right, it was VERY cool!
This might not make sense to a lot of you, but we are finding there is a tremendous BLESSING that comes with cancer. Think about your own life for a second, who are your friends? Usually maybe the people that live by you, parents of your kid’s friends, maybe your co-workers or people from church, I am guessing most of us don’t stray too much from that. Well Stacey and I have been able to meet the most amazing people through this whole (non) adventure. I always hesitate to do this in fear of offending someone I didn’t mention, but let me share some some of the people we met just this past Friday night:
~not one, but two different women who shared that they cut their hair short for Delaney.
~a woman that shared that she is a cancer survivor and who had to have stem cell replacement therapy two years ago but is now doing great.
~a woman who has a child with a birthday party coming up that wants to give his presents to Delaney (not sure that this is necessary but the generosity is very much appreciated).
-The family that came up and when asked if their child wanted a bracelet, explained that he already had one because he got one from his doctor’s office (same doctor as Delaney. Don’t know if you happen to read this, but my wife would love to get your info).
~lots of folks saying that they read this blog. One woman even said she thought I was funny (she must have been drunk! At the kids carnival???Really???)
~people that just wanted us to have their info in case we ever needed help with carpools, babysitting, etc.
~yes even the woman who wacked her son when he tried to grab a bracelet. Even though we gave many out for free or for a dollar, she pointed at the sign that said “Suggested Donation $5” and then said to her son, “Really, you are going to pay $5 for THAT?!?!?” It reminded me of something my own Mom would have done and my only regret was that I was laughing so hard I couldn’t manage to tell the boy he could just take one for free.
~many peeps who said they follow Delaney on her Facebook page. It was so nice to get to finally meet so many of you in person, but I am going to put a personal plea out there: We met a lot of really great people all in one night so please feel free to introduce yourself again next time we see each other (sorry to have to ask this but please understand that I killed a lot of brain cells in college).
~nice folks that expressed interest in doing a fundraiser for us through their business (that is appreciated, but our family really wants to start giving back to others again).
~many, many nice people that just dropped by to let us know that they are praying for Delaney.

On the note of prayer, I know a lot of folks don’t read the Bible because they think it is just some ancient text that has no relevance today. At the risk of being smited with a lightning bolt, I am going to attempt to modernize an important verse here:
“Yo teach, how do I get to Heaven?” Some dude asked Jesus. Jesus replied, “Come on junior, you know this one!” “Hmmm…” The man thought about it for a second before replying, “Is it to love The Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and mind? And also to love my neighbor as myself?” “Correctamundo!” Jesus replied (I’m pretty sure Jesus loved doing his impression of The Fonz). The guy then asked, “But who is my neighbor?” To which Jesus could have replied, “The little kids that yelled “Hi Delaney” while walking by, the people at your kid’s school that were nice enough to let you take part in their fundraiser, the people that just wanted to give you a hug and to say that your family has really touched them, the at the time complete strangers (now friends) who made bracelets so the kids at Delaney’s school could “think of her over Summer time too,” the elderly blind lady who explains to your daughter that she can’t see with her eyes, but can with her heart and her heart tells her that your daughter is very beautiful, and the person who is humble enough to allow themselves or their child to wear something as silly as a mustache to support your daughter fighting cancer, those are your neighbors.”

Let’s finish with a game. Try to spot the cancer in this picture. Don’t worry, I couldn’t find it either. All I could see was a silly little kindergartner having a great time at her Spring Carnival!



Cancer can Kiss my Stache!

It all started with an old friend of mine that heard about Delaney’s leukemia diagnosis, and wanted to do something about it. Kris created a team to raise money for a cancer related charity while training for a half marathon, but then still wanted to do more. “Hmmm…,” she wondered, “could I wear a special shirt or something to honor Delaney during the race?” And with pondering that simple thought, the wheels were put in motion.
She reached out to an artist friend of hers by the name of Jon Craig ( and asked if he would be willing to help design a shirt to honor Delaney. You may have never heard of Jon, but you might have seen his designs like “The Wookie ate my homework” on shirts sold at Old Navy and other major stores. Anyway, he said that if we could think of what we wanted it to say, he would create the art work for it.
Our first thought was something very Delaney specific. What rhymed with Delaney? “Delaney, fo-faney, mo-maney, bo banna, fo fanna, Delannnney!” Nope, that wasn’t going to work! What if we had a little girl that resembled Delaney wearing a cape and a mustache? Hmmm… would we have him draw her with hair? Unfortunately, cancer affects SO many people, why not make it appeal to a broader audience? Then my PG brain kicked in with, “Well Delaney loves cows, maybe we could just have a picture of a cow with the words ‘Cancer can suck my teat!'”. The wife, who as usual had the common sense between the two of us, said it needed to be more G rated. Back to the drawing board… what does Delaney like… how could we honor her but still appeal to the many, many folks that have been affected by cancer?
If you have been following this blog for more than two seconds, you know that Delaney loves all things mustache. From her very first surgery when they did the lumbar puncture and put in her port, her only question was, “Can I have a mustache on me when I wake up?” So for our little mustached goofball, we came up with, “Cancer can Kiss my Stache!”
Jon did a great job of designing it for us (for free!!!) and we created a store online at ( ) where anyone who is interested can buy a t-shirt, a hat, pins, stickers, or just about anything else they want to tell Cancer to Kiss their Stache! It also allows you to customize anything you might be interested in by choosing the size, color, style, etc. There is some sort of fancy way to put the store on this blog, I’m just not smart enough to know how (and those dummies say that beer kills brain cells!). So if you do check it out and like it, please feel free to share it with anyone else you know that you think might also enjoy it. Thank you!!!!