The Night has definitely been Lit!

My heart overflows with joy. I’m going to be honest and just let you know that whatever I write here cannot do tonight justice. We just got back from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk. And… IT WAS AMAZING!
We arrived at the beautiful Wash Park early. If you aren’t in Denver, I should probably tell you that three days ago we had a fierce hail storm and it has rained cats and dogs the past two nights. In perfect contrast, tonight was a beautiful Fall night that was just cool enough to let you know that Summer is officially over. It was perfect and made me once again grateful to be living in beautiful Colorado.
We decided to grab some food before everything really got going. As we finished eating, more and more friends and supporters kept showing up. The crazy part is that we probably only saw half the people that made it to show their support. Between brief greetings and thank you’s, somehow it was already 6:45 which was the time we were to go to the stage. We got a brief line-up for the night, and then it was on!
The speakers included one of the top cancer doctors who shared some of the exciting advancements that are being made in medicine today. The message was clear: When we say, “Someday we’ll find a cure,” someday is today.
Before we knew it, the crowd was directed to watch the large screen where a video was to be shown. The video began with a shot of my wife, Delaney, and I saying, “Cancer Can Kiss My Stache!” and then being silly. Delaney’s story was told beautifully and was weaved in with another woman’s story and the advancements being made as a result of the supporters of the Leukemia and Society. When the video was over, we were called up on stage where they told the crowd of probably more than 2500 that Delaney wanted to be a firefighter when she grew up. Then they presented her with a firefighter helmet complete with a mustache on it. Delaney was in heaven.
The top fundraisers were recognized and then we literally proceeded to light the night. Almost everyone in the crowd had a lantern that was either gold, red, or white and they were all turned off. Starting with gold in honor of people who were walking in memory of somebody who lost their battle with a blood cancer, then all the folks who were carrying a red lantern to designate their support of somebody affected by a blood cancer, lit their lantern. Then Delaney was called up to lead the lighting of the white lanterns which designated the survivors. It was really cute as Delaney did the countdown with the morning anchor from channel 9 news, Corey Rose. (I know the video isn’t the best quality, but it kind of shows the magnitude of tonight’s event as you can see just how many people are lighting their gold, red and white lanterns.)

After leading the countdown, we rushed from the stage to the golf cart that was decorated in Bronco’s colors. They did another countdown to begin the walk, and we rode off to lead the crowds. Due to my phone dying, my favorite photo will have to remain a mental snapshot. It was of us being one one side of the lake and looking all the way across to the other side and seeing thousands of people showing their support while lighting up a trail that stretched over a mile all the way to the other side of the lake. Simply awesome!
Thank you again to all that donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to all of you amazing folks that showed up to walk with us tonight. We love you!!!

All sorts of goodness!

Life is good for Delaney and I am smiling just because I get to say that. Last Saturday she got to join her soccer team and even got to play goalie. She did great, but Mom and Dad probably lost a year of life for every ball that was kicked in her direction. More importantly, she had fun and the other parents and coaches were so gracious with their kind words afterwards that it made me realize how much I have missed her soccer games.

On Tuesday night, Delaney, her Mom, and one of her sisters got to go to her first concert. They saw Katy Perry and had a blast. Mom was worried that Delaney wouldn’t be able to stay up for the show, but the combination of her taking a nap after school and her pure exhilaration got her through to the very last song. Speaking of songs, I know it isn’t Katy Perry, but this video of Delaney singing Sara Bareille’s Brave is too good to be wasted. She made it with two of her sisters (and some goofy dude that will remain unnamed) about a year ago when another of our cancer friends (Joshua of #BeBrave) was creating a video compilation of kids who were fighting cancer singing and dancing to the song. Enjoy!

Speaking of friends, I’ve got to at least introduce you to a sweet little girl we met at the Paul Newman camp last month. Now is probably as good as time as any to remind you that not only am I not a doctor, I am a borderline idiot. With that said, I believe little Natalie’s brain tumor is affecting half of her body to the point of paralysis. That didn’t stop the five year old little cutie from scaling the 40 foot climbing wall with no problem. Then, as she and her twin brother and father were standing on the top of a plank waiting to zipline, the volunteer asked the three of them who was going to go first. Little Natalie quickly stepped forward and announced, “I am!” And then like the fearless little warrior she is, she went for it.
Well last Friday Natalie had a scan that nobody of any age should have to get. Her parents were prepared to get one of two results: the cancer has spread from her brain to her spine (which would definitely not be good news) OR that the tumor came back for the third time (which they were informed meant that treatment wasn’t working for Natalie). I forgot to mention Natalie’s parents are very faithful people and her Mom was so bold to request that people pray for a miracle for their little angel. Apparently God is still in the healing business because this week they got the results that showed no evidence of disease. Little Natalie is cancer free!
As for Delaney, today is her big day as the honored hero for tonight’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night walk. Her big sister at college, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins all flew in to help her celebrate. We have been floored by the generosity so many people have already shown to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you are anywhere near Denver, we would love for you to come join us at Wash Park tonight. The festivities begin at 5:30 and the walk begins at 7:30. If you can’t make it out tonight, but are so moved to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, you can use this link: THANK YOU!!!

Gone fishing! (and zip lining… and horseback riding… and…)

We are coming off of a fantastic weekend! Delaney had the opportunity to go to The Round Up River Ranch Camp for a weekend and even got to bring her family. It is a Paul Newman Camp that combined with funding by the John Wayne Cancer Foundation offers a completely free family weekend for kids with cancer. Technically it only lasted a little over 40 hours, but it was packed with fun activities and laughter.
We got our cabin assignment upon arrival on Friday, and then went to dinner and a campfire for some songs, skits, and some smores. Afterwards, we went back to our cabin but instead of going to bed, the kids hung out with some very cool counselors and played games, told jokes, and were challenged with brain teasers. While they were having their fun, the adults got to have time to meet each other and enjoy some fellowship while playing some decades trivia. We finished up the fun and then hit the hay because we knew Saturday was going to be a full day.
Having some fun with one of the cool volunteers, Kevin.

We started our day off by instilling some fear and trembling into the fishies of the camp’s stocked lake. The fish were right to be scared, just not of us. We got some food in us and then decided to hit the climbing wall and zip lining. I had been zip lining before and was trying to play it cool. Even having done it before, the familiar butterflies in the stomache returned before stepping off a perfectly good platform that was probably 40 feet up. If I was nervous, Delaney was terrified… but she did it! She also got to ride a horse, do some painting, boating (including getting a very big laugh as her dad managed to flip the canoe when he got on it), and even won a buck off dad when her arrow was closest to the target in archery (nothing like the teaching the kids gambling at a young age… don’t judge me).

As fun as all the activities were, the real joy came from the people. We met so many nice people. From the volunteers that donated their time to serve the campers, to the other families that got to cut loose and not only enjoy their time with their family but also got to bond with other families facing similar struggles, but the kids themselves were what made it so great.

Sure there were bald kids, kids on crutches and in wheelchairs, and a whole lot of medications, but this weekend they weren’t a bunch of kids with cancer, they just got to be kids. They played kickball, soccer, hula hoops, dodge ball, building blocks, croquet, got to go to the carnival that the staff and volunteers put on, danced after every meal, and just laughed and laughed through it all as they created memories that will last a lifetime.


After her fun weekend, Delaney got right back in the swing of things. She got more chemo today and goes back Wednesday for the doctor to check out how her fractured ankle is doing. Because I’ve been doing such a poor job of updating lately, I don’t know that I mentioned that she currently has her 2nd ankle fracture this year. Unfortunately, this is just part of the fun that comes with steroids. The doctors were worried about necrosis of her bones caused by the steroids, but they think she’ll be fine. Hopefully she gets some good news on Wednesday, because soccer season has officially begun!

Back to school… bring on the 2nd grade!

      As Summer is winding down, it makes me wonder where the time has gone and it also makes me realize that I haven’t posted a Delaney update in a while.  She has had quite the Summer.  Last Summer she was too sick to go anywhere or do anything.  So when me and her sisters were going to spend a week at the beach with Grammy, Grandpa, and lots of cousins, Delaney got to stay at home with Mom because her ANC level was too low for travel.  Well this Summer, she has definitely made up for it.

       From her Make-A-Wish trip, to camping near the Great Sand Dunes, to getting to go Southern California for her cousins wedding  (where she got to show off her moves on the floor), to playing on a softball team for the very first time, or just hanging out with her buddies, she has been out going and doing.  Of course it hasn’t been all fun, but for the most part when she is feeling well enough (which fortunately is most of the time now), she has been out enjoying life.

        Of course, her treatments continue.  At her chemo visit a month ago, they decided to up her doses across the board.  There wasn’t anything wrong or not working, but as she grows her body needs more medicine.  You would think that by now we would be accustomed to this but for some reason this seemed to hit me in the pit of my stomach.  It was just the thought of more chemo in her port, more chemo in her spine, and the toughest part for Delaney, more steroids.  Her little body seemed to do okay with the increased chemo.  Her emotions from the steroids on the other hand…  

      Unfortunately, she just went back this past Friday for more more chemo and more steroids which means when she starts school tomorrow, she is right in the middle of a steroid cycle.  The big 2nd grade.  Delaney was in kindergarten when this whole (non) Adventure started and now she is about to delve into the school year where she officially becomes smarter than her old man.  The great news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter because if all goes as planned, the end of the the school year is also the end of her treatment.  That’s right, in May of 2015, Delaney should be done with treatment and can officially say, “Cancer Can Kiss my Stache!”

Delaney (making a silly face) at the Cancer Can Kiss My Stache booth hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Wish recapped!

Less than 24 hours prior to her big trip, Delaney had to go in for her transfusion where they realized she had a fever of almost 101 degrees. As we all know, a little fever isn’t going to stop Delaney from a trip of a lifetime. She showed that by jumping up and down at 5 the next morning while yelling, “the lim-bo is here, the lim-bo is here!” Delaney was back to her normal silly self, the limo had arrived to take us to the airport, and we were ready to begin her Make a Wish trip.

Before making her official wish a Disney Cruise she went back and forth between that and Disney World. My wife and I were concerned about her being physically able to do multiple days of the Disney parks. We were glad she ended up choosing the cruise, but wanted her to be able to experience at least a day of Disney World so we got Make A Wish’s permission to take her to Disney World on our own. That was the plan, we just had no idea how awesome the whole trip would turn out to be.
The trip started with giggles and they continued throughout. Delaney and her sisters were giggling with the excitement of being in the limo, Delaney was giggling at her photo-bombing skills, and there was a point on the plane where I almost hushed her because she was laughing so loudly. I stopped myself before doing so as I realized that the hearty laughter of this little girl fighting cancer was bringing joy to anyone within ear shot… which was pretty much the entire plane.

We arrived in Florida and headed to Disney’s Art of Animation hotel which was perfect for Delaney. Our little tomboy isn’t into all the Disney princesses, but she loves the movie, “Cars”. She was thrilled to get to sleep in a Tow Mater bed that folded down from the wall and take pictures with the various characters from the movie. We meandered over to Downtown Disney and ate at a restaurant with dinosaurs before exhaustion caught up with Delaney and we needed to get her back to the hotel to spend some time with Tow Mater.
The next day had us up and early and off to experience the wonders of Disney. We were surprised to find that our little girl who had never been on a roller coaster or scary ride, now had the new favorite rides of The Tower of Terror and Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Yikes! Both very scary but tons of fun! We weren’t sure how she was going to do on the Tower of Terror until there was a part of the ride that drops you from what seems like a mile up. While I was busy soiling myself, I looked over to see if Delaney was okay and heard her yell at the top of her lungs, “THIS IS AWWWWESOMMMMME!!!”
My wife had to go over to Guest Relations to convert two of our tickets to Park Hopper passes and got to talking to the very nice folks that worked there. The topic of why we were out there came up, and one of them asked if we had already bought tickets for the next day. We hadn’t because we weren’t sure if she was going to be feeling well enough. He said, “Well, if she is, I hooked you guys up with a discount in case you decide to come back.” Me being my “Ebenezer/ Penny Pinching/ Not Wanting to Mortgage my House” self thought that even with a discount we weren’t going to be able to afford another day but was very grateful for the gesture AND the fact that he gave Delaney a Mickey wizard hat and a picture autographed by all of the Disney princesses. We were amazed at their generosity!

Speaking of generosity, the “discount” he hooked us up with was significant enough where even old Ebenezer couldn’t argue with another fun day at the park. Delaney was exhausted to the point of me having to carry her on my shoulders from ride to ride it may have been from just having a blast. And to think, all of this fun was even before her officially began!
On Sunday we got on the Disney Express bus to take us to our cruise ship, the Disney Dream. As we were approaching we could see the ship in the distance. It was enormous!

We were able to get right on the ship and start exploring. Three pools, a water slide, walk up any time ice cream, every Disney character, and even a detective agency just for kids… does it get any better than that? Delaney wasted no time getting all classy by wearing her new Mickey bow tie to dinner the first night. She was happy to show it off as well as her dance moves as she got up and cut the rug with a waiter at our very first dinner.

We woke up the next morning in the Bahamas where a dolphin adventure awaited. Part of Make a Wish’s goal is to allow the child with the illness to be able to have so much fun that they at least temporarily forget their illness. That was definitely achieved as Delaney and her sisters got in the water with the dolphin, got to dance with it, give it hugs and kisses, and laughing as it kept going back to their Mom for a kiss. That was a day that we’ll never forget.

That night Delaney broke out the big guns: Make A Wish included her wish to wear a tuxedo on the cruise and Delaney couldn’t wait to put it on. With her brand new tuxedo AND top hat, Delaney was getting compliments of “You’re the best dressed person on the entire ship!” She was loving it!

The next day included snorkeling, petting sting rays, a water slide on Disney’s private island, and a private party with Mickey Mouse.

We also met with the Make a Wish representative on the ship who was able to hook up Delaney with her own time to go on the ship’s water slide.

I wasn’t sure if Delaney would like seeing the different costumed characters, but she loved it! In fact, for her, one of the highlights of the trip was when she saw Donald Duck who was also wearing his tuxedo. He grabbed Delaney’s top hat and it on for a pic.


I feel like I am failing miserably in doing Make a Wish justice with this blog post and I know we’ll never be able to thank all of the generous people who helped make this trip of a lifetime possible, so I’ll just say thank you and end this with some fun Delaney photos from our trip.

Photo-bombing her sisters (again)

Arrr matey- Twin pirates with Dad


Just hangin’ with Pluto

Looking snazzy with big sis Emily


Just because it isn’t formal night doesn’t mean I can’t wear a bow tie!

I Love Make A Wish!!!!

What a day!!!

      With Delaney being the  honored hero for this year’s Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Light the Night Campaign, we were asked to speak at an event today.    It wasn’t just any event though, it was a recruiting event at a company called Terumo BCT who has raised over $100,000 a year for LLS for each of the past two years.  The company actually makes medical supplies including the bags that hold blood and protect it from contamination. Most importantly,  they do their jobs with the patient who might be using their product in mind.  So much so, that all the employees had a picture of two cancer survivors on their employee badges.  Talk about a company living its mission!
        We did our speech (with Delaney being the star) and then met a lot of really nice people.  Delaney was having a blast especially because one of those nice folks let her fire up this sweet motorcycle:


      So if you are a seven year old girl and almost accidentally get to perform your best Evel Kneivel impression on a crowd of unsuspecting fundraisers,  how does your day get any better than that?  Well… a couple of angels from Make A Wish could show up with a giant cookie cake and balloons


And then they could give you a Mickey Mouse bowtie


And a really cool top hat


That you’ll need to wear with your NEW TUXEDO


When you get to go on your Disney Cruise thanks to so many people who donate so generously to Make A Wish. 

Thank you all for bringing a smile to this little silly goofball’s face (okay…these three goofballs’ faces)!


Cows (and cool kids) for joy!!!

Delaney has been quite the rockstar the past couple of weeks. Well… a star anyway. She got to be the student of the week for her classroom. She got to make a poster about her family, favorite things, and what super power she would want to have (I’ll tell you so you can get some sleep tonight: shapeshifting). My wife and I love how whenever she gets these opportunities to talk about herself, she’ll tell people about her three sisters, her dog, and even her two guinea pigs, but never about cancer or being sick. As part of the Student of the Week fun all of her classmates wrote notes to her and the teacher put them in a little book for her.</




Here is a sampling:

Dear Delaney,

You are funny. You are nice. You are fun.

From, Dakota.

Dear Delaney,

You are a great frend.

You are sweep to peple and I love your posetr.

From Hans.

Dear Delaney,

You are Kool and I tenk you aer spesrol.

(this one had the star colored in and the words “smell this”—what are these little hoodlums into anyway???)

Dear Delaney,

You are a very good friend. You are very nice. Your poster and book, casts, and Trindan Halliday gloves were very cool! Your awesome Delaney! (with a pic of a cow saying “moo”).</
I like this one too with 5 cows added and the words, “Cows for joy!”


There were actually lots of cows and lots of love from these little first graders.

Speaking of cool kids, one of Delaney’s very best friends came to Friday’s chemo appointment. They were so excited as her little buddy Sawyer got to experience it with her. They weighed Delaney then weighed Sawyer. Measured Delaney then measured Sawyer. Gave Delaney chemo, then gave Sawyer chemo. Okay not really, but you get the idea. As I watched the two of them laughing and goofing and having so much fun at her appointment to get chemotherapy, it made me realize that life is what you make it. Why NOT have fun? As my buddy Willy Shakespeare says all the time, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Once again Delaney is helping me learn the valuable lesson of perspective. Cows for joy!!!
Here is a pic of the little goofballs:

Faith restored!

     Have you ever had one of those weeks?  You know the ones where your job could be going better, your relationships could be stronger, and you’re angry at God and just about everyone else because you’re just down in the dumps?  Well, I was having one of those weeks a couple of weeks ago.  By the time Friday evening rolled around, I just wanted to put on some cozy PJ’s, curl up in a the fetal position, and cry for my Mommy.  Okay, not really, but as work was piling up and I was already exhausted, I wasn’t really looking forward to the Spring Carnival at our kids’ school.  The only reason that I was going was because Delaney was beyond excited to go and the only way my week could get any worse was if I let my daughter down in something that she was really looking forward to. 

      As we entered the Spring Carnival, I couldn’t but notice all the usual fun stuff: bounce houses, dunk tank, games, girl dressed as a cookie holding a sign that has my daughter’s name and pictures of mustaches on it.  Wait… what was that?  The elementary school had already blessed us last year with the stache station.  Maybe there was a mistake?  A couple of steps later I realized that it wasn’t a mistake as there was the culprit: there stood young Jackson (aka The. Sweetest Kid. EVER.), “Hi Mr. Stafford!”  He was selling cookies and donating all proceeds to help support Delaney.  Really it was more than just Jackson as there were probably about five different kids and just as many adults.  What I found out was that Jackson took it upon himself to approach the PTO of the elementary school he no longer attends and ask their permission.  Not only did they give him permission, they rallied behind the idea and about 5-6 different families joined Jackson’s family in baking cookies to be sold.  Somehow this was all kept a surprise from us until the carnival… maybe things really weren’t that bad afterall. 

      Not even 24 hours later, I got a message on Delaney’s Facebook page from a woman that I don’t know if I have ever even met.  Her daughter and friend wanted to do something for Delaney.  They went and bought all the supplies for a lemonade stand and set it up all on their own, and then spent almost the entire day selling lemonade.  These sweet kids just took it upon themselves to do whatever they could to help.  How awesome is that???  Keep in mind that it has been over a year since Delaney was diagnosed.  With video games these days are today’s kids supposed to have attention spans that last a few seconds (who am I kidding… Squirrel!)? Young Jackson, his sister Lauren, Maizie, and Ally are restoring my faith in humanity. 

      As for Delaney, she is doing great!  She is still getting her monthly infusion of blood products and it seems to be working for her.  We actually had a rarity last week where two of her sisters were home sick with a cold and “sick” Delaney was feeling so well that she couldn’t wait to get to school.  Assuming her counts are good on Thursday, she’ll be getting more chemo in her port this Friday.

      Lastly,  we found out that Delaney was chosen as the Honored Hero for the Denver area Light the Night Campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  If you have never heard or done one of these, they are a ton of fun.  Come join us on October 2nd as we walk around Wash Park in an almost festival type setting with everyone getting a light to carry around with them to symbolize the hope of putting an end to leukemia and lymphoma.    If you want to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or want more information on the event, please see the link below:

There goes this soccer season!

It’s been quite the month!  We’ve had good, bad, and I somehow got more ugly. ” Impossible,” you say?  Well you are correct.  But about a month ago, I decided that I needed to go bald for a great cause again, and some very cool stuff happened.   I signed up for St. Baldrick’s  annual event where you shave your head while raising awareness and money for childhood cancer.  Because I already blogged about it, I won’t go into full detail, but I just wanted to include a brief update.

       We arrived just in time to see my 13 year old daughter’s orthodontist shave his head in honor of Delaney and other kids battling cancer.  Before we knew it, our own team was showing up and the real fun was about to begin.  Just over a year after they were both diagnosed with Leukemia, Delaney and Luca finally got to meet each other.  I also got to finally meet Luca’s dad, Pete, for the first time and see her mom Molly again.  We were amazed that it had been a year since our fateful meeting and couldn’t help but think about  how much our daughters had been through in that time.  Here is a pic of Luca and Delaney (who both had been bald but now have hair again) with me and Pete (who both had hair and were now bald):  

One of the members on our team, Brian, had almost his entire family join in (I say, “almost” because his  wife Kerri wimped out. JK… love you Kerri!).  However, both his son Jake AND his daughter Hailee shaved their heads.  Whereas someone’s first response could have been, “a girl shaving her head?” Hailee’s response was, “for kids with cancer? Yes!”  Where this really got interesting was right after Hailee shaved her head in show of support for our Delaney, another girl of about the same age shaved her head for her friend Delaney.  The only difference was that little girl got banned from her school because her new bald head violated the school's dress code policy.  Of course this made news, both local and national, that a girl who shaved her head for her friend Delaney with cancer.  It was a different Delaney, but we started getting calls to the affect of, "I saw your daughter on the news."  Anyway, thanks to that little girl that shaved her head for that Delaney, Hailee and Jake who shaved their heads for our Delaney,  to those that donated, and everyone else that showed their support and helped make us the Number 1 team at the event that day (raising over $2,000 for St. Baldrick’s).

From Bald to… Worst. Dad. Ever.

      Last Saturday was one of those Colorado days where God himself seemed to scream, “Get out and enjoy this beautiful day I have made!!!!”  So we did.  Delaney and I played some baseball.  Let me tell you, that little goofball has got an arm on her and I am really hoping to get her to try softball this year.  Anyway, we took a break from baseball for the sweet sound of the ice cream man’s truck. When we adjourned, we swapped baseball for the trampoline.
“Hey chubs, see if you can bounce me so high that you break my ankle!” is what I could swear that I heard when she actually said, “bounce me daddy!” Yeah… Long story short, Delaney is sporting a pretty cool cast after her fun on the trampoline with dear old dad. Before you file a CPS report, the doctor explained that the steroids she has to take make her neutropenic which makes her bones brittle. The fear is that if there is any damage done to her growth plate that it could stunt her growth and that being neutropenic would delay any recovery. So of course, all of this is really slowing Delaney down… yeah right! When her mom took her back to school that day, she was so excited to show her friends her new cast that she ran into her classroom. Neutropenic brittle bones or not, there is no slowing Delaney down!

4 weeks and 4 baldies

      Delaney is fresh off her first full week of school in the past 5 weeks!  After missing four weeks of school and having cold-like symptoms for over three months, her doctor did some additional scans on her.  He showed us the scan of her nasal cavity and being the doctor that I am NOT, I identified the problem right away, “Aha! That little black dot right there is probably the problem!”  Delaney’s doctor was kind enough to confirm my errant conclusion, “Yep, that’s it, but it isn’t because what you think.”  Apparently the whole scan should have been black.  Delaney’s scan showed one little black dot on one side, and no black at all on the other.  So what it meant was that her nasal cavity was 100% blocked on one side and about 95% on the other.  So besides this preventing her from being able to fight anything, there was a slight fear that it could go to the brain because of its proximity to the nasal cavity.  Long story short, Delaney is now getting IVIG (basically blood or more specifically a plasma product) transfusions once a month.  As much as it isn’t fun for her, it did help her get well enough to go back to school!

       On a different note, a little less than a week ago I signed up to do St. Baldrick’s again.  If you aren’t familiar with it, St. Baldrick’s is a fantastic charity that directly benefits childhood cancer.  They have raised millions and millions of dollars and given it back to the medical community in grants to research the cure and treatments of childhood cancers.  Participants shave their heads to help raise awareness and money for St. Baldrick’s.  So as of tomorrow, I’ll be sporting a buzz again… but that isn’t the exciting part.

        A couple of days after I signed up, a very nice guy that I work with (yet barely even know), said that he would also join Team Delaney: “Cancer Can Kiss my Stache!”  A couple of days after that, a guy that I have met once said that he would also join moving us up to 3 baldies.  My sister was then kind enough to sign up as a donor and a volunteer, but too much of a sissy to shave her head.  However, my wife got a call the other day from Luca’s mom, Molly.  If you don’t remember Luka, she was diagnosed with leukemia only a few days after Delaney (you can read the first post from when we met Luca by clicking here – and I’ll apologize for my first impression of Delaney’s doctor who turned out to be wonderful — I feel like such an idiot when I re-read that part) .  We learned the ropes of Children’s Hospital together while we learned about the terrible disease our daughters were just diagnosed with.  Anyway, Molly called because she saw our post on Facebook that I was doing St. Baldrick’s again, and said that her husband Pete was going to come join us!!!  So I have officially changed our St. Baldrick’s team name to Team Delaney AND Luca: “Cancer can Kiss my Stache!”

     That brings us to 4 Baldies tomorrow and more importantly over $1100 raised for St. Baldrick’s in their fight to make sure that no parents ever need to hear, “We’re sorry to tell you this, but your child has cancer.”

Thank you so much to all the people that have already donated to St. Baldrick’s.  If you would like to join them, you can do so by using this link: