You’ve trained your whole life for this!

I have to say I am not going to be nearly as witty as my dear husband, but I am feeling robbed of the cathartic process of writing about this crazy time in our lives. I am Delaney’s mother, the Oncology nurse, who a dear friend of mine said, “has been training her whole life for this.” I don’t know if this is what I was planning on, but God has a plan and I guess this is it!
When Delaney was diagnosed I had one of those moments…the ones you envision all the time happen to you. All of you parents out there know what I’m talking about. Feel free to fill in the blank with your own personal response. I would imagine if one of my kids breaks their arm I would ______. If my child is diagnosed with a horrible disease I will _______. I definitely cried, fell to my knees, sobbed hugging Tom, and had a million different permeations of what could go wrong running through my head. Of course being the oncology nurse I am…none of them were good.
This started all of the “firsts”…the first time she had her blood drawn at Children’s Hospital, the first time she slept in a hospital bed, the first time she had an IV running, the first time she vomited and didn’t understand why, the first time she had surgery, her first dose of chemotherapy, the first time she was put under for a bone marrow asperation….all things I never dreamed we would experience. I know I have many more firsts that I don’t want to experience, but now have to.
I ask Delaney often what she thinks about what si going on with her and she responds “I don’t know”. She is just rolling with the punches, knowing that she will be alright in the end. I think I need to have some of that faith. My mother sends me the Daily Word with subject matter that she thinks will inspire me and today was very appropriate. It spoke about “Faith beginning with the belief that Life will bring the best for me”, just as Delaney does. Even in these tough times I need to have some FAITH that everything is going to be best for me. The verse attached to the devotion is…. Then Jesus answered her, “Woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.” And her daughter was healed instantly.—Matthew 15:28. WOW! What a shot to the gut. Just have faith Stacey.
Todays visit to the doctor was a good one. Her labs are stable, her MRD (Minimum Residual Disease) from day 8 was almost non-existent, and her side effects are minimal from the treatment. All blessings! She will be getting more chemo on Friday, and our big moment of truth (bone marrow, LP, and final day of induction) is on March 29th. That day will determine her exact level of risk and determine prognosis as well as the remainder of her treatment. She is such a trooper and an inspiration to me to be faithful and to know that there is a plan that has been layed out for us and we are along for this amazing ride with her.