Merry Christmas from Delaney

***This is too cute to not share.  Last weekend Delaney was helping her mommy with sending out our Christmas cards.  When they were done, Delaney went into our office, closed the door, and wouldn’t let anyone know what she was doing.  About an hour later she came out with the following letter (I just left it as is so keep in mind that she is only in 2nd grade so there are some words spelled incorrectly, punctuation errors, inside jokes, etc., but I thought it was pretty good!)***
Hi my name is Delaney I like legos , mustaches, bow ties and top hats.
I don’t like much girlie stuff ah what am I saying I don’t like any girlie stuff.
I also like sports like soccer, football, baseball and softball and a little bit of basketball but not much. I’m eight years old and in the second grade I have a very funny weird family I’ll tell you about them next.
Ok lets do my mom first my mom her name is Stacey she is 24 no I’m kidding she’s really 23. [she’s really 42] She is the best mom in the world she’s always going it’s like she doesn’t even have one second when she doesn’t have to do something.
She feeds me she tucks me in at night she makes sure I’m feeling ok and the best one she gives the best tootsie rubs in the world I’ve had a few tootsie rubs from a few different people and not one was like hers.
My dad he’s name is tom or Thomas I like calling him tommy though he is also 42 he is very funny he always has a new joke sometimes he only thinks it funny.
When he doesn’t have a broken rib he we’ll wrestle with me and play football with me and catch I could go on forever. He loves napping he does it a lot! He’s also good at barbecuing. He types a lot like this typedie type type .
My sister Emily she is 20 years old and in college. She is a very good artist like not good outstanding you can’t just start and be as good as her. She shares a birthday with me and she only visits. Once she went to the Netherlands for like a half a year so it was like I went to I learned a lot from her and she brought us back some cool stuff.
Ok now on to my sister Mackenzie she is 13 and in her last year of middle school hopefully. She has a lot of friends and she’s a big dancer. She and I do somethings together like slap eachother slap! Rub are butts on eachother rub rub and many more things. She went to Washington D.C. recently and brought back some cool stuff and I got a cool T – shirt.
My sister Ashley she is 11 and in the 6th grade. She loves electronics and is really good at math she’s in high school math and as I said she’s only in the 6thgrade. My sister Ashley also loves pink and pigs. I share a room with her right know but soon I’m going to get my own room.
Ok know on to my pets I have one crazy dog Charlie and two guinie pigs nibbles and princess first lets talk about Charlie he is an amazing crazy dog he loves playing tug a war or fetch with his wookie and he loves his little treats called yummy chummies any way my two guinie pigs they go crazy a lot they squel a lot and they are ethier running around or just sitting there
Ok well I guess that’s its any questions or comments not correcting me on something all right well I’ll answer those ok well good bye!


The countdown is on!

10…9…8…   I didn’t get to witness the Orion spacecraft countdown, but I’m sure it was exciting because they pretty much all are.  At the end, you know something big is going to happen.  7….6….  Six, that is where Delaney is at right now on her own countdown.  We just got the word last week, God willing and if all goes well, she is down to only six more months of treatment!  Her official last day of treatment will be May 5th, 2015 talk about a good reason for a fiesta!

As for her part, Delaney has been doing great.  We had a fantastic Thanksgiving and she was as spunky as ever.  We put the bird in the oven and then went out and played some family 3 on 3 football.  Even her non-tomboy sisters got out there and played.  When they tired of that, we switched to soccer and played that until the bird was gobbling for us to eat it.  We went inside, gave thanks, stuffed ourselves, played games, watched football, took a nap, stuffed ourselves again, and then played more games.  It was the perfect day!


The fun continued all weekend.  A very nice parent at Delaney’s school who owns 3 Ring Photography offered to shoot some family photos for us.  We happened to all get the case of the giggles so it turned out to be a very silly fun-filled hour.  We also managed to sneak in a movie and an art exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens before having to send Delaney’s oldest sister back to college on Sunday morning.

That afternoon, a fellow leukemia survivor invited Delaney and our family to come take a tour of the Denver Fire Department’s station 27.  Russell and his wife Katie were at the Leukemia & Lymphoma’s Light the Night Walk and heard that Delaney wanted to be a firefighter.  It turned out, Russell is an older, male version of Delaney.


Not only does he have his own battle with leukemia, but he is a firefighter who loves legos!  Russell, and all of the firefighters on duty that day, made Delaney an honorary firefighter.  Along with her sisters, Delaney got to go up


(and I mean wayyyyyy up) in the bucket on top of the firetruck.


We got to hang out in the firehouse and eat lunch with the entire firehouse.  Delaney got to try out all the cool gadgets, put on the uniform, and even fire the hose.   She was in heaven!


After the weekend highs, Monday came along and brought her chemo treatment and steroids with it.  It was another rough week.  She was home sick all week and still wasn’t really feeling well as of last night.  She did rally on Friday for the Make A Wish event at Children’s Hospital where the kids get to pick out gifts for their loved ones from Santa’s workshop.  It basically took it all out of her by the end so she didn’t get to meet the Denver Bronco cheerleaders were there, but a couple of them were nice enough to send her a personalized message.

While we excitedly start the countdown, that is pretty much our routine right now.  We hope to have three good weeks of non-steroid happy and healthy Delaney (even though she is still taking her oral chemo daily), and then one week when she gets more chemo injected into her port and has to take steroids for the week.  She goes from a feisty energetic kid for three weeks to getting her little bummie kicked for a week.  But… the week is almost over, and she only has six more months to go!!!