Back to (Delaney’s) reality

Delaney just got to have four days of non-stop fun.  Family flew in from California and Missouri to help celebrate her being the honored hero for the Light the Night Walk and everyone stayed for a fun-filled weekend (just a quick note on the walk, we got an updated number that there were over 5000 people and that it took over 15 minutes just for everyone to get through the starting line— So Awesome!).


Because we don’t see the family all the time, we took the opportunity to celebrate all four October birthdays.  Delaney and her cousin Brody are technically five days apart, but they have so much fun and are so goofy when they are together, that they may as well have been separated at birth.  We had a joint party for them at a place where opposing teams shoot each other with Nerf guns while trying to hide behind cardboard obstacles.  Because they are just soft darts, you can’t really get hurt so everyone from her five year old cousin to her 60 something grandparents played and had a blast. That night we conveniently forgot our bedtimes and stayed up late playing a couple of Delaney’s favorite games: Catchphrase and Scattergories.  It was one of those nights where our stomachs literally started hurting from laughing so much. Great times!


And now… unfortunately, back to reality.  Her oldest sister is back at college and everyone else is back in California.  As I write this, Delaney is sleeping, but it won’t be long until her Mom has to go wake her up so she can eat something before tomorrow’s procedure.  Once again, she’ll be put under so they give her chemo in her spine, more chemo in the port in her chest, and start her on the next steroid cycle.  And just like that… the fun is over.  That’s okay though,  as we realize that we are very blessed.

God willing, Delaney will be done with her treatment in another eight months.  As a current fighter, Delaney got to carry the white “Survivor” lantern at the Light the Night Walk.  As supporters, we got to carry red lanterns.  But there were also gold lanterns.  Too many gold lanterns to be exact.  Gold lanterns were carried by those in memory for the loss of a loved one.  We have friends that were carrying gold lanterns who lost their baby to the exact same kind of leukemia that Delaney has.  We have another friend who shows up for treatment and literally prays that she is well enough to receive chemo.  Sometimes she is, but oftentimes they have to send her home without treatment because her body wouldn’t be able to handle it.  So as much as I absolutely hate that our daughter has to go through this, we realize that in the big scheme of things, we are very blessed and we are very grateful.

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