What a day!!!

      With Delaney being the  honored hero for this year’s Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Light the Night Campaign, we were asked to speak at an event today.    It wasn’t just any event though, it was a recruiting event at a company called Terumo BCT who has raised over $100,000 a year for LLS for each of the past two years.  The company actually makes medical supplies including the bags that hold blood and protect it from contamination. Most importantly,  they do their jobs with the patient who might be using their product in mind.  So much so, that all the employees had a picture of two cancer survivors on their employee badges.  Talk about a company living its mission!
        We did our speech (with Delaney being the star) and then met a lot of really nice people.  Delaney was having a blast especially because one of those nice folks let her fire up this sweet motorcycle:


      So if you are a seven year old girl and almost accidentally get to perform your best Evel Kneivel impression on a crowd of unsuspecting fundraisers,  how does your day get any better than that?  Well… a couple of angels from Make A Wish could show up with a giant cookie cake and balloons


And then they could give you a Mickey Mouse bowtie


And a really cool top hat


That you’ll need to wear with your NEW TUXEDO


When you get to go on your Disney Cruise thanks to so many people who donate so generously to Make A Wish. 

Thank you all for bringing a smile to this little silly goofball’s face (okay…these three goofballs’ faces)!


4 thoughts on “What a day!!!

  1. Donated blood for the little star yesterday. hope she like strong o+, and will be back to do some plasma in about 10 days.

  2. Always thinking of you from Oz. What an amazing family you are. Lots of love Delaney, we are all praying for you.

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