Faith restored!

     Have you ever had one of those weeks?  You know the ones where your job could be going better, your relationships could be stronger, and you’re angry at God and just about everyone else because you’re just down in the dumps?  Well, I was having one of those weeks a couple of weeks ago.  By the time Friday evening rolled around, I just wanted to put on some cozy PJ’s, curl up in a the fetal position, and cry for my Mommy.  Okay, not really, but as work was piling up and I was already exhausted, I wasn’t really looking forward to the Spring Carnival at our kids’ school.  The only reason that I was going was because Delaney was beyond excited to go and the only way my week could get any worse was if I let my daughter down in something that she was really looking forward to. 

      As we entered the Spring Carnival, I couldn’t but notice all the usual fun stuff: bounce houses, dunk tank, games, girl dressed as a cookie holding a sign that has my daughter’s name and pictures of mustaches on it.  Wait… what was that?  The elementary school had already blessed us last year with the stache station.  Maybe there was a mistake?  A couple of steps later I realized that it wasn’t a mistake as there was the culprit: there stood young Jackson (aka The. Sweetest Kid. EVER.), “Hi Mr. Stafford!”  He was selling cookies and donating all proceeds to help support Delaney.  Really it was more than just Jackson as there were probably about five different kids and just as many adults.  What I found out was that Jackson took it upon himself to approach the PTO of the elementary school he no longer attends and ask their permission.  Not only did they give him permission, they rallied behind the idea and about 5-6 different families joined Jackson’s family in baking cookies to be sold.  Somehow this was all kept a surprise from us until the carnival… maybe things really weren’t that bad afterall. 

      Not even 24 hours later, I got a message on Delaney’s Facebook page from a woman that I don’t know if I have ever even met.  Her daughter and friend wanted to do something for Delaney.  They went and bought all the supplies for a lemonade stand and set it up all on their own, and then spent almost the entire day selling lemonade.  These sweet kids just took it upon themselves to do whatever they could to help.  How awesome is that???  Keep in mind that it has been over a year since Delaney was diagnosed.  With video games these days are today’s kids supposed to have attention spans that last a few seconds (who am I kidding… Squirrel!)? Young Jackson, his sister Lauren, Maizie, and Ally are restoring my faith in humanity. 

      As for Delaney, she is doing great!  She is still getting her monthly infusion of blood products and it seems to be working for her.  We actually had a rarity last week where two of her sisters were home sick with a cold and “sick” Delaney was feeling so well that she couldn’t wait to get to school.  Assuming her counts are good on Thursday, she’ll be getting more chemo in her port this Friday.

      Lastly,  we found out that Delaney was chosen as the Honored Hero for the Denver area Light the Night Campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  If you have never heard or done one of these, they are a ton of fun.  Come join us on October 2nd as we walk around Wash Park in an almost festival type setting with everyone getting a light to carry around with them to symbolize the hope of putting an end to leukemia and lymphoma.    If you want to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or want more information on the event, please see the link below:

4 thoughts on “Faith restored!

  1. Saturdays run was dedicated to Delaney. And I happily reported that she was doing great! I meant to ask you for an update and totally forgot.

  2. Glad to hear things are still going well, and that Tom has not lost his sense of humor. We miss you guys and love seeing these updates. Kim and Cheryl

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