About time you update us!

So I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve been slacking in the updates category. Worst. Blogger. EVER. Anyhoo, instead of having you read a few different posts, I’ll save you the pain and combine the updates here.
Delaney has been doing great. About six weeks into the school year, she still has only missed two days of school and both of them were treatment days. She had another incident at school where some girls were asking her why she was in the girls bathroom. She handled it in a very mature manner. I handled it as a loving, Christian father and told her that if those girls tease her again she needs to just kick them in the nuts.
It’s not just kids that still mistake her for a boy. We were at the farmer’s market last weekend and an elderly lady was commenting on the fake tattoo she just had placed near her bicep. What does he have on his arm?” she asked. “SHE just got one of those temporary tattoos on HER arm,” I told her in my subtle way. “Oh what tattoo did he get?” Betty White asked again. “SHE got some sort of cheesy dragon on HER arm!” I yelled to her. “I just thought he wanted to show off his muscles” she giggled to herself. “Lady, if you refer to my daughter as a boy again, they are going to have to fit you for new dentures!” I warned her sternly. And that is how I ended up with a black eye last weekend.
Delaney’s treatment continues to go well. In fact, she had more chemo just yesterday. She was a little nauseous last night, but the medicine helped with that. I think I may have explained that this phase includes an increased dosage of chemo with each treatment. Our little stud seems unphased so far… I’m guessing it’s because of his muscles. 🙂
We actually had something very exciting happen last week. However, before I share what happened last week, let me flashback seven months. It happened the first week we were in the hospital after Delaney’s initial diagnosis. After about the 4th day, her sisters were allowed to come visit her in the hospital. One of the Childlife specialists gave them a tour of the cancer floor and held a kids only Q&A session. When I went to check on them, she was explaining how Delaney now qualified for the Make A Wish foundation. She must have noticed my eyes get as big as my head and my “I am about to faint” look on my face because she stopped in her tracks and immediately said, “Wait, wait, wait…. Just so you know, they changed their policy and it no longer is just for a terminal diagnosis.” As soon as my heart started beating again it became humorous as her sister Ashley was VERY concerned that Delaney would “waste her wish” on chicken nuggets!
Fast forward to last week when two very nice women representing Make A Wish came to visit us. The wife and I tried to keep quiet and not influence her wish. Delaney alternated between her silly self and her “I don’t want any special attention” self. After about two hours of giggling and probably very heavily influenced by hearing how much fun one of her best friends had on a Disney cruise, she officially wished to go on a Disney Cruise. Actually in her little goofball style, she wished to take a limo on a Disney cruise that would allow her to wear a tuxedo.
We haven’t heard from the official wish fairies yet, but we aren’t waiting on anyone to have fun. This weekend while Delaney’s mom got to have a much needed girl’s weekend with dear friends she grew up with, we cashed in on the very generous offer of the manager from the local Embassy Suites to stay with them for a night. With that said, thank you Bridgette and goodnight all… We have a yummy complimentary breakfast to wake up for!
Here is a pic of Delaney reminding you that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Delaney is actually 6’5″, with the afro 6’9″

Excuse my Fletch quote, but guess who has hair growing on top of her noggin? It’s so darn cute when she gets out of a bath or shower and lets us give her “afro” a good rubbing. It’s not really an afro, but she has almost as much peach fuzz on her head as an 8th grade boy has on his upper lip. Pretty exciting stuff!

Overall she has been doing great. She is in her 2nd week of the interim maintenance phase. Last Friday’s treatment was a little different for a couple of reasons. On a personal note, it was the first treatment that I wasn’t able to be at. There is probably a part of the childhood cancer experience that most people don’t think about: work obligations. Let’s be honest, if your kid has cancer, they are going to be at the doctor’s office or hospital a lot. As a parent you want to be there to hold their hand or otherwise love on them. Your employer wants to be supportive, but also wants to make sure the needs of the business are met. As it is somewhat related, another cancer parent tagged me on a humorous Facebook article today titled, “22 Signs you’re a cancer parent pro.” This was # 17- “You wonder when you’ll get your paycheck — wait a minute, you don’t work at the hospital, or anywhere anymore (who’d want to hire you, anyway?).” The bottom line for me is that I am at a new job, so I was working while my daughter was being sedated , having her spine punctured, and then was injected with chemo.

The other noteworthy item was how Delaney did after the treatment. We’re used to her not feeling so hot afterwards (we basically expect it at this point). Last Friday was different however, in that her temperature shot up. So after spending the entire morning at the doctor’s office, she got to go home, only to have to go right back that afternoon. However, being the resilient little stud that she is, she was demanding to go join her soccer team in their game the following day and she has been feeling well every day since then.

Speaking of her afro, her teacher alerted us that another kid accidentally knocked her hat off at school today. She was upset but there were only 4 kids around her at the time and none of them teased her or anything. As a parent, we almost wish she would just own her beautiful baldness, but she is only six. No worries though as if her locks keep growing like they have been, she’ll have the late Chick Hearn announcing her in no time.