Delaney and Broncos Awesomeness

Let me get the boring stuff out of the way. Delaney was supposed to start her next phase of treatment today, but yesterday’s labs revealed that her counts are way too low to handle chemo right now so the Interim Maintenance II Phase will have to wait another week. But as Delaney would say, “yeah, yeah, yeah… BORRRING!”
Okay, now to the fun stuff. You know how when your kid is super excited about something and comes running in to tell you about 10 minutes worth of stuff, but does so without taking a breath? WellthatisexactlyhowIfeelrightnowsoyouwillhavetobarewithme!
There was a whole lot of awesomeness that came together so in hopes that I don’t leave anything or anyone out, I’ll start at the beginning.

I was a poor schoolgirl living on a prairie with Michael Landon. What??? Okay, maybe I am just drunk on excitement. It all started a couple of months ago when Delaney said, “Dad, wouldn’t it be fun if you could take me to a Bronco game for my birthday.”  I’ll quickly digress to point out that when you have four daughters and one of them wants to spend her birthday with you at a football game, you can die a happy man.  Anyhoo, sure enough, her birthday falls on a Sunday this year and the Broncos are playing the Redskins that day. I thought to myself, “why not write the Broncos organization and ask if maybe they could help with an autograph or something?” Autograph… Ha!

A very nice woman by the name of Kelly who works for the Broncos called me. She didn’t want to get our hopes up, but said that she can SOMETIMES get passes to go on the field before the game. However, we would need to be able to find tickets and that they would have to be for a different game than the one that would bring ex-Bronco and current Redskins Coach Mike Shannahan back to town. That is of course, if we wanted even a chance of getting a pass to go down on the field. Hmmm…
Enter our friend Tracy from church who offered to give us two tickets to last night’s game.  Sweet! Delaney and I could go enjoy the game. Then  our friend, and Bronco Superfan, Wayne offered us one of his tickets so that my wife Stacey could also go.  I say “Superfan” because every inch of Wayne’s basement is covered with some sort of Bronco’s memorabilia. So much so, that Wayne and his basement have been highlighted in four different magazines. If it is related to the Broncos, Wayne already either has it or has done it. He has done everything except get to go on the field before a game… Until last night because Kelly and the Broncos organization delivered!
As a coincidence, due to changes at my wife’s work, I actually took a job with a new mortgage company this week. They sent me to get one of those handsome photos so people who have my card can put it up on the walls of post offices, public restrooms, weight loss clinics, etc .  Please enjoy this gratuitous goofy shot while I search for any relevance to Delaney’s night… still searching…:


While my photographer was working the miracles of Photoshop to get my pic down to three chins, I noticed his co-worker editing photos of Broncos players. It turns out Rob ( just happened to be one of the photographers for the Broncos.  Hmmmm…
So like kids waiting for Christmas, we were anxiously counting down the days until our Bronco game. When last night finally got here we zoomed over to the stadium and picked up our pregame field passes at the media will call.  We were all bursting with excitement as we headed down the tunnel that we knew on the other end was nothing short of spectacular. When Delaney arrived at the the field she flopped down on the turf so she could literally be ON the field:


We weren’t there five minutes before Delaney was on the jumbo tron. We then walked over and waited for the players to make their entrance. They ran in and as part of their warm up, jogged right in front of Delaney who was able to give one of them a high five. We then got to watch the players warm up only a few yards away.  Does anyone recognize this guy?:


To give you an idea how close the players were, look at this picture (It’s just a shame Delaney wasn’t excited or anything):


The players weren’t the only ones we saw.  I looked up and Rob from the photo studio was walking by, “Hey why don’t you guys come on this side of the line so I can get a picture,” he suggested.  Just like that we moved from the safety of the sidelines to trying to make sure the linemen didn’t eat us.  Rob took some shots for us and then we went back to the sidelines to take in some more Bronco awesomeness. As the warm-up was winding down, Broncos return specialist Trindon Holliday ran directly over to Delaney and handed her his gloves. It happened so quick I was barely able to get this expert pic (okay, let’s just say Rob has nothing to worry about):


However here is a pic of the gloves he gave her (Delaney loves the fact that they form the Superman emblem when put together):


You might remember Holliday as the player who returned a punt 90 yards against the Ravens last year, but here is how Delaney will remember him: “Dad, I think Holliday is the nicest guy on the Broncos!”  We all stood there in disbelief and as Mom got a little emotional, we asked ourselves if that really just happened.
As our time on the sidelines was coming to an end, Rob came over and said goodbye and took some more shots for us. Only this time it wasn’t just the three of us, he flagged down a bunch of Bronco Cheerleaders and they surrounded Delaney for some pics. Then last but not least, she even got to take some pics with the Bronco’s mascot. It was truly a night of Broncos awesomeness and we are so grateful to all who played a part in making this a night none of us will ever forget!


5 thoughts on “Delaney and Broncos Awesomeness

  1. So happy for you guys. What an awesome experience and how blessed will those be for giving up their tickets. Touching!

  2. Tom, your storytelling is amazing and I just love how your humor can make me tear up and laugh at the same time….I am so happy that your amazing daughter had an awesome experience like this for her Birthday. It shows that people still have the big hearts they are supposed to!! Thank you so much for sharing this story and the pics are great!! My favorite one is with her looking excited (I am sure that part was staged lol) with the players in the background!! May God continue to Bless you and your awesome family!!!

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