Today’s riddle

Q. How do you catch a unique bird?
A. Unique up on it.

I’m here all week folks! Actually, I guess I am still here on this crazy (non) adventure for two more years. So what’s my point? As usual with my little pebble I call a brain, there is no point.

Wait! Unique is how they described Delaney at the doctor’s office today. Her hemoglobin dropped even lower down to 7.5 (they transfuse at 7), her ANC is 350, and her platelets tanked. She should be very weak and sickly right now. Instead she is a dancin’ fool! No really, tonight she went to her hip hop class. Last night she went to and participated in her team’s first soccer practice of the season. She is definitely a unique little bird!
They did prep us again to be ready for her possibly needing blood on Friday, but for now she’ll just keep working on her moves.


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