Rapunzel… I am your Fathhhher.

Delaney continues to kick butt! Tuesday’s appointment had her hemoglobin hanging in there but her ANC dropped down to 600. No bueno. Her doctor’s office stopped short of telling us not to take her to school, but reminded us that if there were any illnesses going around, the chances were good she would catch them. That didn’t stop her, she insisted we take her right back to school. Not only has she gone to school every day this week, she has been partying like a rockstar! Well… Technically like a princess.
Tonight Delaney got to go to her very first Germ Lite party. It is a pediatric cancer foundation that does things like rent out and sanitizes entire theaters so kids who are immuno-compromised can enjoy a movie. Well tonight they hosted a princess party and Delaney even got to bring a friend.
There were little princesses everywhere: Jasmine, Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, Darth Vader… Yep our little princess Delaney wore the full black outfit complete with the mask that makes the loud breathing noises. They started the night by decorating their tiaras, which I was able to catch Delaney’s sheer joy in this pic:

They then got to have their make-up professionally done. That was all we got to see, because this was a kid’s only party. By the time we got back to pick them up, there were a lot of smiling little girls who were too busy feeling beautiful to let cancer ruin their evening.
This is a pic of Delaney and her buddy Macayla at the end of the night. As you can see, Delaney might have had a special request for that make-up artist.


3 thoughts on “Rapunzel… I am your Fathhhher.

  1. I love Delayne!!!! I love her attitude, spunk and fight. She is such an awesome inspiration to me. This also shows what amazing parents and family she has. Love to you all

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