First day of school

It started at about 2 in the morning. The wife was wide awake with worry. Is Delaney ready to go back to school? What if her counts are too low and we just don’t know it? Should we have made some sort of check-list for her teacher? What about the school nurse? She only knows four kids in her class, maybe we should have the child life folks come out from the hospital again to help educate the other kids. Basically, she was squeezing at least a week’s worth of panic into the few hours before the first day of school began. She had been listening to the staff at Delaney’s doctors office and just didn’t think Delaney would be feeling well enough to actually attend school on the first day. In her mind, she was unprepared.

Sure enough, the kids woke up and everyone was feeling great. The house had that “first day of school” feeling when everyone is still excited about learning (or at least seeing their friends). Everyone humored Mom by allowing her to take plenty of pics. As for the whole wig question, Delaney decided to go Au naturale with just a ball cap covering her bald noggin.

When we got to school, cool little Delaney just had one rule: don’t embarrass me. At the risk of getting one of her knuckle sandwiches, we couldn’t resist being those parents that at least checked in on their little one. Sure enough, she found her classroom, hung up her mustached Hello Kitty backpack, and found her seat just fine. I didn’t know who I was more proud of: Delaney or her Mom who seemed to be holding it together so well. I then looked at her Mom and realized she wasn’t holding anything together. She wasn’t getting emotional because she was sad though. Unlike every other year where we just take it for granted that our kids would be healthy enough to go to school, she was just crying out of gratitude that her baby, in middle of what should be one of the toughest months of treatment, was feeling well enough to go to school. Luckily for her, she was outside of Delaney’s classroom (and scope of vision) when she lost it or Delaney might have had to give her a knuckle sandwich.

Here is a pic of Delaney all decked out for her first day of school.


7 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. Way to go Stacie, you did it! (Got through that first day drop-off). I’m so grateful too, that Delaney could go to school on her first day 🙂

  2. So AWESOME. By far my favorite blog to read, if you tell my wife I like your blog better than ours, you Tom Stafford will get your own knuckle sandwich… from me.

  3. You are such a brave family. Well done, first day’s are tough for any mum let alone a mum with a sick child. I look forward to hearing how Delaney’s day went.

  4. This touched my heart. So proud of you Stacey for being strong for Delaney. You’re such a good mom to such a special girl.

  5. Glad to hear she made it to the first day of the school year, I hope that both you and your husband give yourselves a hug – you both deserve it. Both of you are being so strong and supportive for her, don’t forget to care for each other and yourselves. God bless.

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