So the roller coaster that is cancer rides on.  If I was in Mexico, I would say that Delaney is doing fantastico.  We are smack dab in the middle of one of her toughest months of treatment and she seems to be doing better than ever.  In fact, at her doctor’s appointment today, it hit us that this was the very first time in almost six months that we went a week without having to call the doctor about something or go in to the office unexpectedly.  Before we could go around the room giving high fives to everyone, the nurse came in with her lab results.

       Her supposedly all-important ANC was 2300!  Woohoo!  I’m not a genius, but I know it has to be at least 750 to receive treatment and 2300 was… like…. at least… more than 750.  Well I was busy doing the math on my fingers and toes, I was brought back to reality by the nurse practitioner saying, “so we are ordering her blood products for next week.”  Come again.  This made absolutely no sense. Delaney had been feeling great AND had a high ANC, why in the heck were we talking about a blood transfusion? Well apparently even though her ANC has been going up, her hemoglobin has been going down.  

        So there we were (including two of Delaney’s sisters) in her private room discussing what should have been a very somber subject, but for whatever reason we were laughing.  “So you’ll have to go to the main hospital’s 7th floor,”  the nurse practitioner was telling us when Delaney squealed, “Oooohhh… I love the 7th floor!”  I’m not sure how many kids are excited about the possibility of having to go to the Oncology (cancer) unit, but as I guess the mustache and bow tie will attest to, Delaney beats to her own drum.  Then after giving her the day’s chemo treatment, they reminded her that her Mom would be giving her the medicine at home over the next few days and encouraged Delaney to be nice to her. “Your just lucky you have such a great nurse for a Mommy,” the nurse reminded her.  At which point Delaney’s straight faced comedian sister Ashley, who had her face buried in technology and hadn’t made a peep the entire visit said, “You have no proof of that.”  While we were all cracking up, the nurse corrected Ashley and informed her that she had seen her mom in action more than once.  

       Anyway, that is our update and here is what our schedule over the next week looks like:

Friday- Sunday: Delaney’s port remains accessed so her mommy can give her chemo at home.

Monday: School starts and Delaney starts the first grade.

Tuesday: We go back in to have her lab counts checked and an exam.

Wednesday or Friday: Depending on the Tuesday’s lab results, we either go to the main hospital for Delaney to have a blood transfusion on one of these days.  They already warned us that even if her counts say that it isn’t necessary on Wednesday, it almost certainly will be on Friday.

As they say at the happiest place on earth, “Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times… permenecer sentados por favor!”

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