The little Delaney that could

So Delaney keeps chug-chug-chugging along. During Thursday’s all-day treatment she did her usual hazing of the medical staff:

If you are wearing pink, you aren’t coming in my room!

What? A nurse that is in training wants to know if she can watch them put me to sleep? That depends, can she sing Dynamite?

She carried on with her shenanigans for a few minutes, before Stacey and I had to leave the room so they could perform their procedure. We heard the medical staff and Taio sing Dynamite a couple of times and then heard a giggling Delaney yell, “Waitttt! I’m not even asleep yet!!!”

Anyway, as the day progressed, they moved Delaney back to an infusion room where she could get cozy for her chemo. We thought she would nap, but noooo! A couple of hours later, her sisters came to visit and brought her lunch. By the time they left, she could barely keep her eyes open. Surely, she would go right back to the bed and fall fast asleep. Nope (and stop calling me Shirley)! We thought that she would crash as soon as we got home, but there were bugs to catch and friends to play with. Eight hours of treatment, a spinal puncture, and three different types of chemo weren’t going to stop Delaney from having fun!

The next day the treatment finally caught up with her, and she felt crummy. In spite of battling nausea almost all day, we had to go back to the doctor’s office so the nurse practitioner could sign off on Stacey administering the chemo. We got to Mommy’s professional side as she hooked up the various syringes to her port and injected the chemo. I asked Delaney afterwards, “Isn’t it cool that Mommy can give you the treatment,?” To which she replied, “Yeah it is… but kind of creepy too!”

Today, she was already feeling better again. In fact, she was feeling so well that she was able to end the day by going over to watch a movie with her friend Jacob R. Of course, her big sis Emily wasn’t going to let her chug on out of there before sneaking in a little cuddle time of her own!


4 thoughts on “The little Delaney that could

  1. I just love you Delaney! I know you don’t know me but I think you are amazing and strong. Every time I read something new about your silliness and courage it brings me great joy! Great Big Hugs!! P.S I Play Just Dance on my Wii and do the Dynamite song every day with my little girl, now we will yell out your name every day!!

  2. Little D, you have sooo much energy. Now getting your mom to sing Dynamite is going to be good! Maybe you can secretly record her and then share it with her friends! 😉

  3. Love this kids funny personality and strong spirit. All your friends in Cali continue to pray for you and your family.

  4. We love you so very much Delaney. Grandpa Phil and I don’t know how to sing Dynomite … so we are practicing. Hugs and kisses to you, our sunshine girl.

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