Cha Cha Slide over Cancer!

      In case you are wondering if I know how bad my analogies and sayings are, I do.  In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that this one is possibly my worst yet.  It’s either I try to interject my “humor” into these posts, or I force you all to read them in your best Eeyore “whoa is me” voice.  I refuse to do that to you, not because I would actually feel bad for you, but I refuse to let cancer win by giving you a bunch of boring doom and gloom updates.  

      So I don’t know if you have been to a wedding, a roller rink, or a father daughter dance lately, but there is something that gives white folks the biggest delusion that they can dance since the inventions of the “white man’s overbite”, the robot, and Boone’s Farm combined.  It is called the Cha Cha Slide and there is a line in there that says, “it’s going to get funky-funky-funky!”  Well that’s where we are with Delaney’s treatment, it’s about “to get funky-funky-funky!”  Boo hiss!  I know… I told you this was bad.

-So Delaney has been feeling great this week.  She has been playing some cards, jumping on the trampoline, and even got out for a movie with her sisters and grandparents.  Because she has been feeling so good, we were a little surprised to find her ANC dropped below the all important 750 mark again.  It was 700 on Tuesday and a reading of under 750 usually means no treatment.  However, upon further review, her doctor said, “It’s close enough, let’s go for it!”  

-This is one of the many things we are learning about cancer and the treatment of it.  A LOT really depends on the doctors.  Delaney’s doctor believes in treating the patient and goes off how she is feeling instead of just following the book down to the letter.  We really appreciate this.  So far, not only has it saved us more than one middle of the night ER Visit, one weekend stay in the hospital, but it also has allowed for Delaney to have fun just being a kid.  Stacey called the doc’s office to ask if Delaney could possibly go see a movie.  She got the nurse, who said no.  She then talked to the nurse practitioner, who also said no.  She then talked to the doctor who asked how she has been feeling.  “She’s been great” Stacey told him.  To which the doctor replied, “Unfortunately, that is going to change quickly, let her get out now and have some fun while she is feeling well!”

– I’m sure there are people who have got to be asking, “Why even risk it?  It’s just a movie!”  Well, it isn’t just a movie.  It is the library, school, public restaurants,  parks, teams, and a whole lot more for 2.5 years!  That’s a long time to make her just wear a mask and live in a bubble.  She’s a crazy little kid, we want her (and all of our kids) to get out and enjoy life!

– Tomorrow’s treatment will be the most intense yet which is the perfect time for a quick perspective/gratitude check.  It is an all-day event in which they’ll give her the lumbar puncture, some fluids, then some new types of chemo, and then flush it all out.  It’s going to be about eight hours of suckiness (it’s a French term for poo poo I think).  However, at the end of the day, we’ll get to take her home where she’ll get to sleep in her own bed.  Actually, she probably won’t be feeling well, which means she’ll sleep in our bed, but you know what I mean.  

-After that, it’s going to get funky, funky, funky (sorry… the stupid tune is so catchy I just can’t help myself).  Beginning on Friday, Stacey will begin to give Delaney chemo at home every night for three nights.  It goes in cycles where she’ll have four on (the doc’s will give her the first one tomorrow) and then three off and then repeat.  Most kids would be given shots in the leg by their parents at this point.  However, Delaney is blessed to have a Mama who is a nurse that just happens to be chemo certified.  So they will keep her port accessed and every night Stacey will inject chemo into what has just got to be the cutest darn little patient she has ever had the privilege of treating.    

– In about two weeks from now, Delaney will be at about her lowest point.  Unfortunately, also in about two weeks, Delaney’s school begins. She probably won’t be able to start back with all of her friends, but will be there as soon as she is feeling better.  We’ll be having the home school teaching aide come out to start the year, but are hoping she can be back in school full-time no later than November.

– In true Delaney fashion, when we ask her if she wants a wig, she replies, “Yes, I want a Mohawk!”  I’m trying to convince her to get a rainbow clown wig so she can go around whacking the heathens with a “John 3:16” sign but she isn’t going for it.  Anyhoo, she’ll be sporting some sort of wig soon.  Right now she is more than content with a backwards baseball cap.  

-So are we sad knowing that our beautiful bald little daughter is going to be feeling very crummy really soon?  Absolutely.  It’s one of those things as a parent that makes you really feel helpless.  However, we are also reminded of some wise sayings: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself,”  “TODAY is the day The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!,” and last but also least, “It’s time to get funky, funky, funky!”

3 thoughts on “Cha Cha Slide over Cancer!

  1. My thoughts will be with sweet Delaney, her amazing parents and sisters through these tough weeks. Thank you for the way you share this (non) adventure.

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