Praise God!

So at yesterday’s appointment, Delaney’s ANC dropped all the way to 100. Her platelets, hemoglobin, and just about everything else was tanking which ensured that she would not be receiving her treatment today. To make matters worse, she had a fever of over 100 degrees. They sent us home but said that with her ANC being so low, if we get two more temps of 100 or one temp of 101, we were going to be admitted to the hospital for at LEAST 48 hours.
Well she hit 101 last night and had a 100.3 this morning. “Come in immediately,” they told us at the doctor’s office, “and pack your bags because Delaney is going to be admitted!” We packed our bags and headed in right away. While they were taking her vitals, Stacey and I chatted with the Nurse Practitioner. “What are the chances of us not having to be admitted?” I asked. “With her ANC this low AND a fever… NO chance… Sorry” she informed us.
We headed to the exam room where they drew blood out of her port. About ten minutes later, the Nurse Practitioner and the nurse who drew her blood were literally racing each other into our room. “Miracles do happen because her ANC is 900!!! You guys are going to get to go home!!!!” Thank you Lord and thank all of you that have been praying for our little goofball! We hope all of you have a great weekend because I know we plan to… OUT of the hospital!

8 thoughts on “Praise God!

  1. I follow the email trial and am so happy that she did not have to be admitted. You can change your dinner prayer to “God is good, god is great thank you for the blood count” Amen. You are both so strong as are your other children, I hope you have a blessed weekend.

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