Casa de Rufus

Super quick update that Delaney had a great day and is feeling MUCH better! She still has no immune system, but is smiling and back to her fun-loving self. Anyway, I mentioned her hair loss but she is really taking it like a champ. The past couple of months as it thinned it would start to ball up in a “rat’s nest.” Stacey affectionately nicknamed the imaginary little guy Rufus. Well now that Delaney’s hair is falling out in clumps, her oldest sister decided to make a house for Rufus. Here is a pic, but in case you can’t see all the details, Rufus (laying in his bed while wearing his bow tie), has his very own: mustache art, pic of his family, rug, pillow, chest-of-drawers, and curtain. He is one stylish dude!


One thought on “Casa de Rufus

  1. I have always loved making anything in a shoe box as a child. Trees, house, sun with a smiling face, kitty playing under the tree. What a fun way to put this in a different light for D. I love it. I love your family and the love and support you give each other. Continued prayers for strength and full recovery for little D.

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