Womp womp… wah wah…

We’ve all met those people and probably read some of their blogs or Facebook posts. You know who I am talking about, the Debbie Downers of the world. What? You are happy because you just got a new puppy? Well, my cute little kitten Fluffy just choked on a hairball… Womp womp… Wah wah. It’s almost tough to blog or give updates these days as that is how I feel. Wow, your son just took first place in his swim competition??? Well my daughter is almost too sick to even get out of bed these days because she has cancer! Womp womp…
I guess part of the challenge is that because this blog has always been a reflection of Delaney, it is usually positive and upbeat. She has always been inspiring and almost a source of secret strength. Well… As she fights through this tough time she continues to inspire. And for strength… Well my strength comes from The Lord! So while trying to not become a Debbie Downer, I’ll try to give you the latest update.

-No, she really isn’t doing so hot these days. It hit me today that less than two weeks ago she commented that “she just couldn’t stop smiling!” Now we are lucky to get three smiles in a day. She just feels crummy.

– Speaking of feeling crummy, she got to go back for an unscheduled visit to the doctor again today. Her tummy was causing her a lot of pain and the doc said to bring her in immediately. Actually, he said to bring her to another doc for an X-Ray first and then bring her to his office. The good news is that it wasn’t pancreatitis, she didn’t have to be admitted, and we are already back home.

– The day after I got back California the wife and I were excited that Delaney was up for going outside for a couple of minutes. We put our blanket out on our lawn and set out to enjoy a beautiful Colorado day. I told my wife that I missed her and gave her a smooch. Delaney looked at her parents canoodling on the blanket, then looked up at her older sister and said, “that’s just not right!” We all giggled. What can you say, even when she is feeling crummy, she’s still got it!

-Her hair: technically, she’s still got it. For how much longer? We’ll see. She has been fortunate to keep her hair for almost five months. I have a very strong feeling she won’t be keeping it for six months (or even five months and one week for that matter). This morning Stacey went to give her a hug and pulled a whole clump off her shirt. The good news is that it seems the last five months have given her time to get used to the idea of her hair falling out. We’ll see how it goes, but for now she seems fine with it.

– Her all-important ANC was still at 200 tonight. This basically means she has NO immune system right now. Remember how if you spelled your name correctly on the SAT they gave you 400 points just for that (still not sure how I only scored 285 on mine)? Anyway, steroids are the same way in that they’ll give you a couple hundred of ANC points just for taking them. So her extremely low ANC is actually artificially high.

– She has an area of skin that looks like it is about to tear apart. If it tears, this is almost a sure infection. Per the doc, any infection or fever right now, gets Delaney a free three day pass in the hospital. No bueno.

– The wife’s sanity: I would stay it is still intact but she is still married to me so that puts the whole thing in question doesn’t it? The truth is we’ve been blessed with the mother-in-law coming out and that is always a HUGE help.

That’s the update. Hope all is well with all of you and as always, we are so thankful and blessed to have so many people praying for Delaney and our entire family. I’ve got to go flush our goldfish now… Womp womp… Wah wah.

7 thoughts on “Womp womp… wah wah…

  1. These updates let us know exactly what to pray for and we are and will praying every day and lifting Delaney up.

  2. Holding all of you up in prayer every day. Thank you for the updates, all of them, even the womp womp ones. The womp womp ones get twice a day prayers.

  3. Tommy I think you have created a fantastic blog for your Delaney. I have yet to meet her but I feel as if I know her, her spirit, strength and determination. You made me feel like she is a part of my world and I think about her all the time. She is a little ass kicker and I commend you and your family for being so awesome.

  4. You all are in our prayers and I’m spreading the word around to get people praying for your baby’s numbers to rise and for healing to come quickly!!! Your baby is our baby as far as prayers are concerned!!
    💜, the Gilkey’s

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