FB Update from Stacey

Today I think is the true start to the crumminess that awaits us. Delaney has been napping and going to bed around 5 every night for the past couple days, but today brought me to tears. She doesn’t want to go outside, she doesn’t even want to change floors in the house. She is constantly hungry, eating two bites of something and then saying she’s done until a minute later asking for something new. I’m really poor at short order cooking. What really got me today was when she started reacting to something. Seeing how her Immune system is the lowest it’s ever been she could be reacting to anything. Her eyes got red, a rash on her belly, her chin was red and swollen, as well as her right foot. Strange! We gave her Benadryl and it went away. She just looks so sad, not smiling, not laughing. Just crummy. I am not looking forward to the next couple weeks and what it may bring. Please Lord give me strength in spite of this heartbreaking circumstance. Thank you to everyone that has sent us gifts, cards, prayers, and calls. You have made a difference and we are so thankful to have you in our lives.


That was Stacey’s facebook status update yesterday and because she couldn’t find her login for this blog, she said I could share it here.  Just so your not having to read too many updates, I’ll also share on this same post.

Most guys feel like they are cursed with in-laws, somehow I have been blessed with some very generous ones.  My in-laws started planning a vacation for their entire family (including all grand kids, etc.), over a year ago.  To put it another way, they started reserving and paying for things eight months before Delaney was diagnosed with leukemia.  Of course with the diagnosis came an instant priority check, and a vacation didn’t even make the list.

As time passed and Delaney was doing well, we held out hope that maybe we could all go.  It wasn’t going to be just any vacation, it was going to be a week spent at the beach.  They had rented a house that was literally on a Southern California beach.  Considering the stress we were experiencing, it should have been exactly what the doctor ordered.  Unfortunately though, the doctor didn’t order it. In fact, he ordered just the opposite: don’t go.

Stacey was adamant that I still go and take the other three girls while she stayed home with Delaney.  When we left over a week ago, Delaney was feeling well.  A couple of days later, she was still doing so well we wondered if she couldn’t possibly fly out for a few days.   Thank God we decided to play it safe and listen to the doctor as every day she got a little worse and was a little more run down.  We had no way to know her ANC was so low before they tested it, but were so grateful that she stayed home as she would not have been able to get back on a plane while being so immuno-compromised.  As much as we felt that by splitting up the family for vacation was a sign that cancer was temporarily winning, we were thankful that Delaney was able to be in her own home.

Anyway, since Stacey’s post yesterday, Delaney seems slightly improved today.  She is still exhausted, run down, and not feeling well.  Although she took three naps today, in between them she at least wanted to sit outside with us for a couple of minutes.  She even rallied to do a couple of crafts with her oldest sister before just wanting to rest.  We are hoping she’ll begin rebounding now a little more each day going forward.  Even though we’ll need to take her in twice a week for check-ups, she gets a break from treatments for the rest of the month.

I just wanted to give a quick update that Delaney was doing a little better today and to thank you for your continued prayers.  I’ll give a special request to all the moms out there.  Tomorrow our vacations are over and we are heading back to work.  Please continue to not only lift up Delaney but also Stacey because as much as she likes her job, it is very, very tough for her to leave her baby at home knowing she isn’t feeling well.  Thank you again!

8 thoughts on “FB Update from Stacey

  1. Dear Stacey,
    I read your post and it evokes tears because I imagine exactly how you feel. I will tell you that I with my whole heart believe Delaney will be come out of this the other side shining. Being a part of team in Training makes me see the hope so clearly. While this part of her treatment I’m sure is pure torture on you and your family I do believe you will have a point after where it seems small. My special project for Delaney is nearly done and will be in the mail soon. Hang in there and know that she is strong and will see the other side of this stupid disease and have her life back again. Love kris

  2. Many prayers for you and your family….just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Been following the blog…we are all here behind you, feeling your sadness and other emotions right there with you. Wishing I could do something, anything to take all the pain and discomforts from your little girl. Hoping you find strength to get through this rough period.

  3. Dear Stacey,
    I just wanted you (all) to know that I am constantly thinking of your entire family through this tough time. I am sending positive thoughts and many prayers to give Delaney the strength to get through the rough days. She is nothing short of a spectacular little girl whom I admire. I love reading the updates and following how your sweet Delaney is doing but also how the entire family is doing as well. My heart is with your entire family, extended family, friends and doctors who are helping Delaney (as well as you and your husband) on a daily basis.

    From my family to yours…
    Love, Katrina (Bible) Homan

  4. Tom & Stacey: Our family will keep Delaney (and the rest of your family) in our thoughts. Hoping for strength and healing for Delaney, and peace of mind for the rest of you as you go back to work. She knows how much she is loved and cared for. Hugs and love… Dawn

  5. I am grateful that your other girls were able to go and have some fun. I continue to ask my church to pray for Delaney and all of you. I have church members asking me a few weeks later after I shared my prayer request for Delaney, Asking me how she is? then telling me they continue to pray for her, I pray for your strength.

  6. The Hurst’s continue to read every update and pray every day (and more, like today when the spirit prompts us)!!!
    We love you all and pray for strength and total wellness!

  7. Tom and Stacey. I haven’t been on FB in years but something drew me to it the other day and specifically your page Stacey. When I read your posts I was confused so I dug deeper only to figure out what was going on with Delaney. Tears ran down my face because I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. You both amaze me with your positive attitude. I will continue to pray for all of you. I have been thinking about you every day. Love and prayers coming your way from the Garcias. Xoxoxo

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