They warned us this might happen

Delaney has been up to her usual wonderful antics lately. Friends of ours gave her the bike that their son outgrew, being the young hipster she is she started hip hop class, and she even went to Ikea to get a new table for her Legos. Life is good, right? Right!
However, as usual in the cancer world, there is more than meets the eye. You might recall that the goal for the all important indicator of her lab counts (the ANC) is at least 750. Today’s count of 300 was her lowest by far. Because of where she is at in her treatment, they are moving forward with tomorrow’s treatment regardless of her low counts. If they don’t come up with the help of the steroids next week, they’ll take a break until they do. Her counts being where they are right now means that that we just need to be a lot more cognizant that she can get sick really easily right now. So simple things like crowded places (unfortunately even including the line at 7/11 for free slurpees), must be avoided. So life sucks right? Wrong!
We are continually reminded and grateful of just how well Delaney is doing with her treatment. We have a friend that has cancer throughout her body who will have to go for an entire month without treatment while they try to get her counts high enough. We know of three other kids with leukemia that have to get their chemo in the hospital over 24 hours and then can’t leave until it clears their body (one of them had an ANC as low as 7). Unfortunately we keep hearing of lives that were cut way too short because of this awful disease. However, we also keep hearing wonderful words of encouragement and learning of more and more people that are praying for Delaney. I know we have been blessed with some real prayer warriors following Delaney to which we really cannot say thank you enough. To those of you that can spare a few more words with the big guy, I don’t want to be greedy but if you think about it an want to include Neomi, Luca, Jace, Luca, and John that would be great. As for specifics for Delaney, we would just ask that she stays healthy, her counts go back up, and possibly that the docs could figure out whatever is going on with her eyes in the pic below. 🙂 thanks again!


4 thoughts on “They warned us this might happen

  1. I am always happy to pray, and will include the other folks and their families, too.
    Once Delaney is past al of this, We can throw her a party, and I’ll cook.

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