A Ferrari… For freeeeeee????

My kids, including Delaney, like Adam Sandler movies. I’m sure they get it from me and their Happy GilMom, but one of their favorites is Bedtime Stories. There is a part in it where Sandler’s character thinks he is going to get a Ferrari. Not only he is going to get a Ferrari, he is going to get it for “freeeeeeeeee.” He never gets one, but at the end of this post, I’ll tell you how you can get one for freeeeeeeee!
So with yesterday’s treatment, we are officially underway with Delaney’s Intensification Phase. I was talking to a friend yesterday afternoon and he asked if it was “chemo Friday” or if we were off that schedule. I told him yes it was “chemo Friday,” and Tuesday was going to be “more chemo Tuesday” and next Friday will be “even more chemo Friday.” So if yesterday’s kick-off, and how Delaney was feeling afterwards, was any indication, the Intensification Phase is going to live up to its name. So yes they added a new color of chemo, yes she has to take steroids and her dreaded troche again (as I am writing this she has seven pills in front of her that she needs to take), and yes her hair is going to start falling out again, but that’s not what I want to talk about here.
Instead I want to share what Delaney (and my wife and I) will remember about yesterday. First, I need to back up a little over a month ago to Delaney’s kindergarten graduation. There was a part of the ceremony where the teacher had the students stand up when she said the profession that they wanted to be when they were older. I eagerly awaited her to call out “Mortgage Guy” so I could run up and high-five what surely would have been the dozens of kids that would have stood up, but she never did. However, when she announced “Firefighter,” Delaney shot up out of her chair like her little “tuxedo” was on fire!
Which brings us to Yesterday. Those of you that have been with us on this little (non) adventure from the beginning might remember one of Delaney’s best buds, Jacob R. Besides being an all-around great guy, Jacob’s dad happens to be a captain with the local fire department. When he offered that we could bring Delaney by the station sometime, we intentionally chose yesterday to help get her mind off her appointment and the fact that she couldn’t eat anything before it.
When we arrived at the station, Mike (Jacob’s dad), met us and gave Delaney the VIP tour. She got to meet the other firefighters and paramedics (they were all very envious of the thick stache Delaney was sporting), see where they sleep and workout to get their big muscles, and even got to try on Mike’s firefighting jacket. I was grateful for all their medical training because I thought Delaney was going to pass out when Mike asked her if she wanted to go for a ride in the fire truck. We put on the cool firefighter headphones so we could hear each other and dispatch, and took the rig out for a quick spin. After making sure the coast was clear, Mike blared the horn and when we got back to the station he even put on the lights and sirens. You can tell from the pic below that Delaney might have just enjoyed herself a wee little bit. What you can’t see in the pic is her Mommy getting emotional as we just thought that this was SO nice of Mike and the fire department. For a little girl who wants to be a firefighter when she grows up, talk about a dream come true!
That brings me back to the Ferrari…for freeeeeeeee. I probably should clarify that when I say Ferrari, I mean the Ferrari of support bracelets. We have some of her bracelets left over and while supplies last (I might have about 20 left), I’ll make you a deal. If you want one, would wear it, AND agree to pray for her for at least the next 60 days of her Intensification Phase, I’ll send you a bracelet for freeeeeee! My thought is that at some point in the day you’ll look down at your wrist and remember why you are wearing a bracelet with a silly/way cool mustache on it and then you can say a prayer for our little Delaney. Dealio??? If interested, just shoot me a quick email with your address to tomintraining@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance for your prayers and remember, that cute little girl you are praying for today, in the future might be the firefighter that rescues your little Fluffy from the tree.


5 thoughts on “A Ferrari… For freeeeeee????

  1. We got our bracelets so thank you. Wearing them and we promise to pray for the next 60 days!


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  2. Praying for sweet Delaney! God is so good and He will get her through this. Keep trusting in Him and all His ways. Please give her hugs and kisses from Mrs. Karen

  3. Hi Tom I am one of Stacey’s sorority sisters from Long Beach and have been following your posts since the beginning. I have told all my christian friends, my parents, my parents friends and my church friends about Delaney and to please add her to their prayers. If I knew if the mail man was a christian I would ask him to pray for her too. πŸ™‚

    My heart goes out to you and Stacey and your family but I am in awe of your strength, family bond and faith in the Lord. I want to thank you for being a wonderful example to me. I draw on your examples of strength and faith to deal with the problems in my life (which are so minor).

    I would love to wear a bracelet for Delaney. I would even love to pay for it. πŸ™‚

    If you have any left over my address is:

    Stay strong. You two are wonderful parents. I can tell Delaney is a fighter and has a beautiful soul. I look forward to the update that she is in remission. πŸ™‚

    Best, Marybeth

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  4. I don’t even like cats but I will happily get a few of them, just so I can have Delaney the firefighter rescue them. Praying super hard for the intensification phase to pass quickly, safe and sound for little miss love bug πŸ™‚

  5. Thinking of you and Miss Delaney with love and prayers!! I keep her picture in my devotional place to remember her and your family in prayer. In Christ’s Love, Paulette

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