Echo (Echo)

So before our (non) adventure began, this is the closest we would come to an echo in our house:

One of my kids (mumbling): abigchubbyhairydaddysayswhat

Me: What???

Kids: He he he.

Not very close to an echo, is it?  I agree.  Which is why I hope you (yes I am talking to the medical professional that I am married to) will forgive me when I made the awful mistake of mixing up an EKG with an Echo Cardiogram.  One is the procedure Delaney had yesterday to make sure her ticker is cool before the next round of treatment, and the other is apparently the secret police in Russia.

So here is how yesterday’s treatment went down back at Children’s Hospital of Colorado:

Woman administering echo (echo): Do you want the gel to be cold or warmed up?

Delaney: Cold.  Am I going to have to take off my bow tie?  Argghhh.

Echo (Echo) woman: I’m going to give it to you warmed up.  Okay, what you are seeing on the screen right now is your heart.  Isn’t that cool that you can see your heart?

Delaney: Actually, it’s kind of BORRRRRRRINNGGGG!!!!

Echo (Echo) woman: Well let me just do my measurements and you’ll be on your way.


It was basically a cross between a pregnant woman’s ultrasound and a Care Bear’s Episode complete with literal rainbows of colors (Mmm… Skittles).  With all the cool colors coming from the screen I briefly wondered if was having a flashback from all the drugs I did in the 60’s.   Then I remembered that I wasn’t even born in the 60’s and haven’t done drugs.  The rainbows were a good thing according to the echo (echo) lady but they’ll give the eventual results to Delaney’s doctor.  I’m not going to wait to give you the results: I saw her ticker moving so I’m going to declare right here and now that she is alive.

Since I am giving you an update anyway, I’ll give you the update of what Delaney has coming up.  Tomorrow she will get her labs done to make sure she is good for Friday’s chemo treatment.  The only thing different that we are really hoping won’t be necessary with this visit is she might have to be sent to an Osteopathic Doctor (I might be messing up this one too).  She has been getting pain in her joints from the medicine and last time we went to our usual doctor they said, “We’ve been putting it off, but if she is complaining about joint pain next time, we’ll need to send her to this other doctor.”  Apparently the medicine they are giving her can damage her bones and they want to have it checked out.  We are optimistic that won’t be the case because she hasn’t really been complaining about it lately, but we’ll see.

The real fun starts in two weeks when she starts what is called the Delayed Intensification phase and I guess the word “intense” is in there for a reason.  The logic is that they try to hit the cancer extremely hard before she goes on to the maintenance phase.  In no certain order, the next two months starting on June 28th include:

-The steroids are coming back.  They’ll be a week on, week off, week on… this time.  So even though she is now finally back to her starting weight, she’ll probably get a little puffy again.

-The treatment will go from once every 10 days to at least twice a week.

-There is at least a 3 day in a row stint where we’ll need to give her the chemo at home.  Only this time it won’t be in the form of a pill, we will need to inject it in her port.  Once again, I’ll praise God for my wife who not only is Mommy-extraordinairre, but also happens to be a chemo-certified nurse.

-The chemo itself is going to change from the yellow one (obviously lay man terms here) that goes in over 10-15 minutes, to a red one (doxorubicin) that gets injected over two hours.

-Whatever hair she still has on her head on June 28th, probably won’t still be there at the completion of this phase.

-It is technically a two month treatment phase, but in the middle of it, it isn’t uncommon for the counts to be too low to continue without a break so there might be a week or so off so she can recover.

Basically, it sounds like it is going to be pretty brutal.  We all know Delaney is a little fighter and will attack it like she has the entire time: with a silly toothless smile only slightly hidden by whatever mustache she decides to sport.   However, I’m going to put out a call to all those prayer warriors and supporters among you.  You have all been AWESOME and I just ask that even though it is Summer and we all like to take a break with many things, please continue to lift up Delaney for the rest of Summer.  We are so appreciative of you all that words really cannot express it. Seriously.  As my feeble mind tries to think of an appropriate way to express our gratitude, the only way I can think of is not appropriate.  But since I’m not appropriate, here it goes anyway: bighairydumbbloggingdadofDelaneysaysthankyousomuchasyouwondertoyourselfifheispossiblymentallychallengedwhat.   What???  He he he.  THANK YOU!!!

3 thoughts on “Echo (Echo)

  1. Sending lots and lots of prayers, positive energy and good thoughts your way. Every single one of you is my hero ❤

  2. You guys are so brave, I cannot imagine what you are about to go through. Love to you all and kisses for little Delaney’s stache.

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