A priest, a rabbi, and a midget walk into a bar…

… the bartender says, “What can I get you gentlemen to drink?” The priest says, “besides an occasional communion wine, I never drink!” So the bartender looks at the rabbi who immediately says, “I drink even less than the priest!” So the now frustrated bartender says to the midget, “Okay, you don’t have an excuse little man, what will YOU be drinking?” The midget replies, “Little man? Thanks, but I’m only a six year old girl!” The bartender says, “Sure you are! Then explain the bow tie and the mustache little girl!” The little girl responds, “Umm… I think mustaches are really cool and I feel like that I am wearing a tuxedo when I wear my bow tie.”

The bartender throws all three out.

Knock knock.

Interrupting to say.

Interrupting to say who?

Interrupting to say this is the Worst. Joke. EVER.

Okay back to the joke that is now a riddle. The bartender throws all three out just as a police officer is walking by. The officer looks at all three, and arrests the midget for being under the influence.

Q. None of them had a drop of alcohol at the bar. Why was the midget under the influence?

A. To get to the other side.

I’ll be here all week folks!

Tomorrow Delaney kind of has a doozy of a day. Her labs were good today, which means her usual chemo dosage will be increased. If you’ll recall from her past two treatments, they would access her port, push the chemo in, and we would be bada binging our way right out of there! Tomorrow she still gets that kind of chemo in her port, along with some new medicine in her port, along with some in her spine.

Which brings me back to the drunk midget. They actually give her a sticker that explains she has been sedated in case a police officer wants to know why are little mustached, bow tie wearing goofball is acting even funnier than she looks.

Tonight I was listening to her giggle as she was bringing the water hose onto the trampoline, I wondered if she even had any idea about tomorrow. She obviously knew she had a treatment because she had to go get labs today, but did she have any idea that tomorrow’s appointment would be any different than her last treatment? I quickly got my answer when she asked, “Daddy, when they put me to sleep, do I sleep very long?” And then further confirmation when her sister Ashley asked about doing something with her tomorrow. She very matter of factly stated that she wouldn’t be feeling well tomorrow. Unfortunately, she is right. Apparently behind that mustache and bow tie, there is a very smart cookie. The good news though is that with each additional step and dose of chemo, she is like that crazy chicken, one step closer to the other side.

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