Are you smarter than a kindergartner?

We’re already three months along on this little cancer journey, woohoo! For all you math nerds, that means Delaney is hopefully 1/9th of the way through the treatment. For you baseball geeks, this means your kids would have already had a cotton candy, a hot dog that they conveniently used to wipe the ketchup onto their shirt, a snow cone because they remembered that when they said a cotton candy, they really meant a snow cone, gone potty four times, and would have asked about 132 times, “Can we go home now?” (it would only be the end of the first inning after all).

Here are some more stats from the past three months:

8- Number of nights spent in the hospital

4- Number of Emergency Room Visits

12- Number of different chemo treatments Delaney has received

42- What the 12 goes to if you include the month of oral chemo

3- number of boobs Delaney now thinks she has because of the port in her chest

148- number of times my wife has begged me to start wearing deodorant

100%- How much of her hair we thought Delaney would have lost by now

Probably 50-65%- Approximately how much of her hair she has lost. However, because it is long, when you see her with a hat or brushed a certain way, it still looks like she has most of it.

1 Pair- The number of dentures we’ll need to be getting for Delaney if her teeth keep falling out like they have been doing lately

1,037,451- Exact number of acts of kindness and love that we have been the benefactors of

About 1 billion- Number of prayers said all over the world for Delaney.

A ton- How many really nice people and new friends we have met on this little (non) adventure and we are so grateful for all of you!!!

0- How many kindergartners we now have in our house.

That’s right, Delaney is officially done and done with kindergarten. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were standing in the classroom with the other parents hearing about what our kids were going to learn in the upcoming school year. We blinked, and we were with those same parents at the equivalent of the graduation for our kids. Before I get into the graduation, let me back up a few days.
Last Saturday night, we were invited to a BBQ at the family of the boy that is a friend’s (NOT boyfriend) house. The subject of their graduation came up and what kids were going to wear. Delaney immediately went on and on about how she wanted her nails painted pink to match her pink frilly gown (yeah right… But just checking to see if anyone actually reads this). Actually, it was more like, “oooohhh… Maybe I could wear a tuxedo and a top hat!” As she was trying to rope her buddy Jacob R. into joining her, we were all envisioning Dumb and Dumber.
Sunday: the whole making the graduation thing was in doubt when she spiked a fever of 101.5. The doc gave us the option of bringing her in right away or letting her sleep on it and seeing how she was in the morning. We opted for the latter and were pleased to find her fever gone on Monday: game on! Mom scrambled to find her something to wear and even got her a new shirt and pants for the occasion. As much as Delaney liked her new duds, she was very concerned because they couldn’t find a bow tie.
The night before the graduation: Ding Dong. Who could that be? Only Jacob R’s mom to the rescue with an Emergency Bow Tie that Delaney could call her very own. Delaney was elated!
The actual graduation was awesome. All the kids were so cute. They were singing songs, telling the audience what they were going to do for a living, and sharing what they learned in Kindergarten. At one point Delaney’s friend Macayla stood up and said, “we learned about leukemia, made Delaney bracelets, and learned that…” At this point the rest of the class stood up with her and they all shouted, “CANCER CAN KISS MY STACHE!!!” What was really cute was that they all secretly had mustaches drawn on their fingers and put them over their mouths when they shouted it. If that wasn’t sweet enough, they then all broke into a song. We could tell Delaney didn’t know the song by the way she was shrugging her shoulders and lifting her hands as if to say to us, “I didn’t learn this one!” We quickly realized that they were surprising her with a song, “Delaney we love youuu!!!” before presenting her with a teddy bear. My wife just about lost it because she was so moved by how touching it was of all these sweet little kids.
I know that I keep saying it, but we have been blessed beyond belief. We hope everyone has a great Summer and we’ll keep you updated on Delaney and her (non) adventures.
I’ll leave you with a pic of Delaney and her buddy Jacob R. in their matching Emergency Bow Ties (oh yeah… I forgot to mention that Delaney’s teacher even had a top hat that she allowed Delaney to wear for the big day).

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have nothing on these two!


10 thoughts on “Are you smarter than a kindergartner?

  1. How cute are those kindergartners? Loved seeing Delaney yesterday and learning more of what a “goof” and hilarious kid she is! She was so awesome! Her energy and personality are contagious:). Thank you! Yvonne Denslow – the mom who said she loves your humor!

  2. I should know by now not to read these during the work day. They always make me cry! : ). So touching! What an awesome class and a very special teacher too! You are blessed!

  3. What a sweet thing the kindergarteners and their teacher did for Delaney.God is so personal with His children.We pray blessings to your family. Have a super fun summer!!!

  4. So touching!!!! Crying as I am eating lunch! What a very special class. Delaney is very blessed to be with such a loving group. Thanks for making me cry and laugh:)

  5. What an amazing teacher and class. Tears from down under, that was beautiful. I cannot believe your wife didn’t completely lose it…I would have flooded the classroom! All the best for your summer holidays. Love to you all, especially Delaney.

  6. Congrats to Delaney on her graduation! And so happy that you referenced Dumb and Dumber, one of the all time greatest movies ever! 🙂 Will continue to pray for all of you!

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