Today’s lucky numbers

To whom it may concern,

Please take this job, and shove it.


The Winner of the 600 Gazillion Clam Lottery.

It only took me four years to complete that heart-felt letter, and I guess I should have waited before giving it to my boss because, unfortunately, I am still a loser. You on the other hand, don’t need to wait because I am giving you today’s lucky pick 3 numbers: 7-5-1. Your welcome.

Okay, maybe those aren’t the lotto numbers, but those are the lucky numbers we are hoping for today. Well, at least 751 anyway. That being on the all important Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) scale anyway. This morning we are going to get Delaney’s lab work done again. Just a few short times ago, she was as high as 2800. Last time we went, she dropped all the way down to 768. If it drops below 750, they have to decide to either give her a reduced amount of chemo tomorrow, or possibly no chemo if they don’t think she can handle it right now.

Being the positive people that we are, I’m confident it will come in just fine. It’s one of those things that you really have no control over, so its best to just hand it over to the one that does. If we sit there and stress over it, cancer wins. The strange part to me is that there is no mid check point. If it dropped 2000 points, how do we know it isn’t still dropping. Today are we going to find that it went down to 400, or rebounded all the way to 4000? I guess the logic is that treatment-wise, it is the same on the day to day basis. Low numbers just mean she is a lot more susceptible to getting sick. Of course, in the cancer world, they also mean that they either limit or restrict the poisonous chemo they put into her body.
As for Delaney, she has been doing great. She is feeling good, but we can definitely tell the meds are starting to effect her in that she is a lot more run down than she has been up to this point. She was out of school every day last week and when I took her on Monday she asked, “Daddy, can you pick me up earlier than you ever have?” She knows that she is getting a lot more tired than usual. Every day she has been taking a 2+ hour nap, but when she is awake, she is still going a million miles an hour. In fact, yesterday she even took her very first Tae Kwon Do class. Hiiiiii Yaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Right now, she isn’t thinking about today’s labs or tomorrow’s chemo, she is too busy being ecstatic! A child at her school had a birthday party and wanted all the gifts to go to Delaney. So every time she needs to go to the doctor’s office, she can pick out a new toy or game to bring with her. Isn’t that awesome?!?!? In fact, there are so many gifts that she may even donate some to her doctor’s office so other kids with cancer can also enjoy them. On a side note, she just found some candy that was included and said, “Dad, there is even laffy taffy, we’re going to need to hide it from mom!”
I’ll leave you with this pic from yesterday’s Tae Kwon Do class. Be afraid cancer, be very afraid!

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2 thoughts on “Today’s lucky numbers

  1. Sending you some good luck with numbers from China. Noah is taking TaeKwonDo as well. We’ll have to get these two turkeys together one day. Hmmm, they sound like a perfect match! 😉 Keep us posted.

  2. Hiiiiiiiii! Yaaaaaa! I have no doubt that you will beat that cancer Delaney! We are all cheering for you!

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