Q. What do me and Albert Einstein have in common?
A. We both chose where we went to college based off its Playboy party school ranking.
He attended the University of Zurich and I attended Harvard (okay “Harvard West” as nobody really called Chico State). My point is that for the large majority of my life, Friday was my sabbath. Which is why it killed me a few weeks back when a very sad Delaney told us that she didn’t like Fridays. Not that I blamed her, because Fridays for her meant she was going to get chemo in anywhere from 1-3 ways. So while 157 Facebook friends were reminding us that it was Friday and time to partay, to Delaney it meant pain, prodding, then followed by not feeling well. Well after ten straight weeks of that, and thanks to this phase’s new every 10 day (vs. every 7 day) schedule, she gets NO CHEMO today!!!! That’s right: TGI(CF)F— Thank God it’s a Chemo Free Friday!!!!!
Unfortunately, as it usually seems with cancer, we can’t get too excited about these small victories. We’ll put on the TGI(CF)F party hats for only a minute because we’ve got to take her into see the doc today anyway. A few days ago she started coughing and basically hasn’t stopped since. Last night when it was accompanied by a fever and vomiting, the doc said not to take any chances and to get her in so they can start her on some antibiotics. So off we go…. Happy TGI(CF)F everyone!!!!

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