Article from Emily’s College

You early readers might remember Delaney’s oldest sister, Emily.  A woman that writes for the newspaper at her college, Webster University in St. Louis, interviewed Emily for an article about Delaney.   I’m not sure the link will work on the blog, but I am going to attempt to attach it below.  For those of you that are also on her facebook page, I am sorry about the double post.  Just so I don’t have to give a triple post, I’ll also give a brief update here.

Today has basically brought changes almost every hour.  As soon as I posted the update this morning about her fever going away, it shot right back above 100.  Then a little later, it went away again and she was doing great.  She then took a long nap and just woke up crying and her fever (but no headache) was back.  Stacey just talked to the doctor and it sounds like if she isn’t better tomorrow, we’ll be right back in there so they can start her on a new antibiotic regimen.

Here is the link to the article.  Also check out the video that the reporter shot with Emily.  I can’t help but notice how drastically leukemia has already affected her appearance in just two months.  I always knew she was so beautiful, but I may have underestimated her strength!

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