Anyone awake? More prayers please.

Delaney’s fever is now above 102 so Stacey was just instructed to take her to the E.R. so they can take her labs again. It is a little before 2 AM MST, which is only about 14 hours since her labs were taken last. I am not sure how much labs can really change in that time, but the doctor wanted her taken to the Emergency Room. I won’t question them, I’ll only ask anyone who is awake to join me in praying for Delaney (and if you don’t mind, her oh so strong Mommy). Thank you!!!!

6 thoughts on “Anyone awake? More prayers please.

  1. Tom….prayers up for ALL of you! I’m hoping the fever is minor such as simply being septic. I went through 3 bouts and then had to have my Hickman catheter removed. It is unfortunately common when ports/caths have grown a smidge of bacteria or fungus in them. Then, when blood is drawn or the catheter is flushed, the “bug” goes into the bloodstream causing fever chills, etc. Still scary…but I’m praying it’s something minor…keep us posted..sending hugs from Ks to you all!

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