It’s like a training bra for your wrist!

I can tell that I haven’t done a good job of updating the blog when I get questions as to how Delaney’s circus performance went. Sorry about being a slacker (she wasn’t able to make the performance by the way).
All in all, she has been doing okay. The daily ups and downs of leukemia continue. Saturday was great. Sunday started out good, then at about lunchtime she wasn’t feeling well. Since Sunday, she has been getting headaches. This morning she woke up sobbing because she was in so much pain. The doc said to bring her on, so they are giving her fluids through her port right now (he said sometimes kids get headaches after 2-3 lumbar punctures in a row OR it could just be a cold).
On a much more exciting note, Delaney’s support bracelets came in yesterday. A special thank you to her classmate Macayla and her entire family for doing all of the work. What was really cool was Delaney got to pick the colors, design, etc. and they turned out great! While I am thanking folks, her Uncle Matt created a website ( to make it easy for people that want a bracelet to order one.
Please note that these are Support Bracelets and not Get Rich bracelets. We had to put a price on the website so we put $5, but if you can’t afford that or if you just know a special kid that would enjoy one, please just email and let me know and I will be happy to send one off! On that note, he also put a donation link on there. If that is something you are interested in, please let me know if there is a special person or place that I could send some to (Today I gave some to her Doc’s office for their other patients fighting cancer).
Considering the amount of school she is missing, we are going to try to make this educational for her by getting a map and having her stick a pin it for every place her “Cancer can Kiss My Stache” message is being sent to. It should be fun! Below is a pic of the bracelet or you can go to to see a better pic. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s like a training bra for your wrist!

  1. No need for apologies to those outside the direct circle of your family who are living with this daily. Know that our family continues prayers for yours, daily. God bless you all.

  2. Ooooh great idea! I’m ordering more to send to my friends and family down under!!!! Then I will have them post if on Facebook and tag cancer can kiss my stache 🙂 if that’s possible!

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