Prayers for a clown

There are many selfish prayers out there. Trust me, I should know, I’ve probably prayed all of them. Today’s prayer request could easily be classified as selfish as I am not praying for world peace (not even whirrled peas) or an end to hunger, today I am just requesting prayers for a clown.
Delaney has her last lumbar puncture of the consolidation phase today. It should be identical to last Friday’s chemo treatment, which is part of the concern. After last week’s treatment, she didn’t feel well and was completely wiped out the rest of the day. If the same thing happens today, she’ll probably miss the circus performance that her kindergarten class is putting on this afternoon. After practicing the songs every time we were in the car and actually making the dress rehearsal yesterday, Delaney is all set to be a mustached (shocker) clown today and we are really hoping she can make it.
I am guessing that you can still recall your own early performances, I know that I can. Me and Todd Jackson were a horse in Mrs. McGinnis’ 2nd grade play. Not horses, mind you, ONE horse. Todd was the front of the horse and I was… well… maybe things haven’t changed much so let’s just get back to Delaney!
Anyway, if she doesn’t feel well enough to perform, it won’t be the end of the world. If she isn’t up to it, we definitely aren’t going to further jeopardize her health by pushing her to go. However, if she is feeling well enough, we would love for her to have about twenty minutes of feeling like a normal kid again. Not necessarily a “brave little girl fighting cancer” kind of normal, but a silly little goofball just singing songs while giggling and having fun with her friends kind of normal.
Okay, as I have the news on in the background, I am changing my mind. I am praying for the people of Boston, praying for the victims, the men and women risking their lives, and everyone involved. I am continuing to pray for all those who have recently touched my life with their own battles against cancer.  On a purely selfish note, today, I will also be praying for our silly little clown.

7 thoughts on “Prayers for a clown

  1. Delaney and your family are always in my prayers! Praying that everything goes well and that she gets her circus time today! ❤

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