It’s NOT a Toomah!!!

      Delaney is back in school!  Hip hip hooray!!!   This is really great news because after I was doing my “This consolidation phase is so great!” dance last week, she took a little turn for the worse.  She did her chemo routine on Friday, but unlike the prior week when she felt so well afterwards, this time she felt really crummy afterwards.  She then came home and slept for three hours.  The doctors advised that was to be expected and the fluke was that she was feeling so well the prior week.  Her ANC count (tells us how well she can fight an infection among other things) dropped significantly (from about 1800 to 800). She was pretty run down all weekend, so today’s return to school became a little dicey.  However, she woke up feeling well (actually very silly), so back to school she went!

        As soon as I am done with this update, I am going to call my boss and tell him that I quit.  I enjoy my job, but I never knew exactly how much fun kindergartner teachers must have all day.  Have you ever seen the movie, “Kindergarten Cop” with Arnold Schwartzenegger?  Well we just lived it!  A couple of women from ChildLife came to Delaney’s school to talk to the class and here is how it went down:


ChildLife: Does anyone know why Delaney was in the hospital?

Student: She had a really bad cold.


ChildLife: Has anyone ever heard of chemotherapy?

Student: When I am in 4th grade, I am moving to Florida and we’ll have two swimming pools?


CL: Does anyone know what the medicine does for Delaney

Student:  Makes her chubby 😦


The ChildLife women also went over an explanation of white cells, red cells, and platelets.  They explained the importance of washing our hands, controlling germs, and staying home when we are sick. Any questions?

Student: My dad had a blood clot.


CL: Oh, I’m sorry.  We know what causes blood clots, but nobody really knows what causes cancer.

Student: God does.



CL: Okay, I think you guys are ready for a test, what do you think?

Student (who shot up his hand super fast): I can pass any swimming lesson test!


CL: Okay, that’s not really a question, are there any other questions?

Student: Why do flowers have roots?


CL: Great question, but are there any more questions about Delaney or her sickness?

Student: My brother threw up in our hot tub yesterday!

        Before any of the kids had a chance to bring up the birds and the bees, they called it a wrap. Anyway, Delaney got to stay for almost two hours today and her teacher said that after all the adults left, everything went right back to normal.  Please pray for her sanity.



4 thoughts on “It’s NOT a Toomah!!!

  1. What…this sounds a bit like conversations we have with our borrowers! Whom I LOVE (I might add). Atta girl, Delaney. Keep on, keepin on!

  2. You don’t know me but my son is in Delaney’s class and he was super excited to see Delaney back at school today. The child life people must of done a good job because Jacob came home and explained the whole process:)

    • Awesome! Thank you. For a while there I was wondering if it was a mistake. Then I couldn’t have been happier when I picked her up and Ms. Farah told me that right away the kids just went right back to everything as normal! Thank you again.

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