Like a child

I used to get Hugh Jackman comparisons, now I get Danny McBride.  You can either google him or just take my word for it; it isn’t a compliment.  No, apparently, with my head shaved the whole world can see what my wife has known all along: I’ve got a fat head.  That fat head is my excuse for it taking me so long to finally learn something.

Jesus made a comment about it being tough to get into heaven unless we become like children.  What???  What in the heck was he talking about?  Through the help of three amazing kids, I think I might have figured it out.  Kids have an innocence and purity about them and seem to just possess a knack for doing for others with no ulterior motive.  Time and time again during this whole (non) adventure, the little rugrats have amazed me.  If you don’t mind, I am going to share three examples just from the past 48 hours.

The first comes from the other side of the world… China to be exact.  There a young Noah, like any kid, is excited to celebrate his birthday that is rapidly approaching.  I think when I was turning 8 I wished for a GI Joe doll and perhaps that maybe someday I could like that oh-so-handsome Danny McBride.  Not Noah, his only wish was to help Delaney.  In lieu of presents for himself, he is asking for donations so he can send Delaney something.  Although he already got to impress Delaney’s entire kindergarten class when they were studying how holidays are celebrated  internationally.   The fact that in China they get to eat cool things like seahorses and scorpions, got a collective “Ewwwww gross!” from the class, but he still wanted to do more.  And his is just the first example of the hearts that some of these kids have.

The second example is right here in our own backyard: more specifically, in Delaney’s class.  A young Macayla misses playing with her buddy Delaney and is excited for her to return to school next week.  She also realized that shortly after she gets back to school, it will be Summer break.  So what does she do?  She asks her parents if they can make bracelets so the kids can remember Delaney during the Summer too!  She must have been awfully convincing, because her folks put everything in motion for “Livestrong type” bracelets that Delaney even got to help design (she went with blue, black, and white bracelets that have her “Cancer can Kiss my Stache!” saying with a pic of a mustache). Wow!  Why?  Simply because one nice little girl wanted to help another nice little girl, who happens to be sick.

The third example comes from Delaney herself.  She is feeling great today, so we decided to sneak away for her first movie since the leukemia diagnosis.  It was one of those special daddy/daughter dates that we haven’t done since we went to see Star Wars together last year. I am of the old school (okay, corrupt is more accurate) way where I sneak candy into the movies.  My feeble mind tries to rationalize that it isn’t stealing because they are trying to charge me 40 bucks for a box of Red Vines and that should be highway robbery.  Delaney won’t have it.  She knows it is wrong and just won’t eat any of it.  Just like a child…hmmm.

5 thoughts on “Like a child

  1. We used to sneak Chick-Fil-A in my mom’s pursue when we were pressed for time. But that was way before they started selling meals at the movies. So that wasn’t stealing because they didn’t offer it. Not sure what others thought of the smell.

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