Day 1 of Consolidation is officially in the books!

     Truth be told, I’m kind of a sissy.  Not a brawl Brad Pitt in Fight Club kind of sissy (shhh… you do know the first rule of fight club, don’t you?), but more of a needles and blood kind of a sissy.  Actually, it isn’t even needles or blood, it is what needles poke and blood flows through: veins.  They creep me out for some reason.  When my wife is feeling especially witty, she’ll put her finger on one of my veins to block it because she knows it gives me the heeby-jeebies.

       So with all of that in mind, let me tell you about Delaney’s first day of the Consolidation Phase.  I think I might have mentioned that today they gave her chemo in her spine through a lumbar puncture, in her blood through her port, and then tonight we gave her a pill of chemo to take orally.   The spine was noteworthy mostly because today was the first day that she was kept conscious for the entire procedure.  Instead of putting her under, they gave her fentanyl and versed as one helps with the pain and the other makes her forget what she just went through.  All in all, the spinal chemo went pretty smooth (easy for me to say from the peanut gallery).

      They were going to access her port to inject her chemo in it prior to doing the spine.  However, before they inject it in her port, they draw blood out of it.  Well, they are supposed to draw blood out anyway.  They pulled back the syringe, but with no blood.  They had her hold her arm in the air, no blood.  Hold her breath, no blood. Stand on her head, no blood. Hmmm… they couldn’t put the chemo in without getting blood out.  They decided to proceed with the spinal chemo (which doesn’t require them to pull blood out— spinal fluids yes, but not blood) and then come back  for their blood. 

       During the brief intermission, I asked Stacey to translate all the mumbo jumbo to English and explain what was going on.  It turns out the inability to pull blood might have stemmed from a few things: 1. Those handsome vampires from Twilight were thirsty and beat the doctors to the “blood colored” punch. 2.  It could have been a clot or 3. The vein was getting “flimsy and when they were drawing on the syringe the vein would collapse.”  Why in the heck did I even ask???  “Please let it be the vampires!” I thought,  because mental pictures of veins collapsing had me wishing I was getting pounded in the fight club (Shhh…). Anyway, they eventually got the necessary blood, and gave her the chemo through the port.  Then tonight, we gave Delaney her first oral chemo, and she is now sleeping soundly. 

      She was as silly as ever today.  The nurses were cracking up as she feigned death from starvation.  When when they needed to give her a bandage and asked what color she wanted, they were met with a very loud “NOT PINK!” from Delaney (you would think her ever-present mustache would be a hint that she might be a tom-boy).  When she eventually got out of the doctor’s office, she was in a great mood the rest of the day.  In fact, she was feeling so well, that she even got to go outside and jump on the trampoline that the Easter Bunny brought her (and the Easter Bunny’s buddy was here helping him put together last night until almost midnight).

A couple of housekeeping items: 1. I feel like you (the blog reader) were her faithful first friends so I need to let you know about a new addition IF you are interested.  For those of you that are Facebook peeps, we created a page for Delaney at   If you “like” that page you’ll get any quick pics or (much shorter) updates when you are on Facebook.  An example of this was today when we were waiting for all the procedures to start and I snapped a quick shot of Delaney relaxing with her Mommy (both looking as cute as can be).  I am not going to further fill up your in-box with a blog update of that, but it might actually be a welcome status update on Facebook that could give you a break between the 157 political messages we all have at any given time.  2.  That zazzle account (  Some have asked and probably a lot more are wondering, “Do you guys make any money on that merchandise?”  Yes.  I’ll explain how it works.  We do NOT set the prices.  I’ll be the first one to admit that a lot of the items seem overpriced to me.  Personally, I would never spend 20 bucks for a deck of cards (unless… they were marked and I could win the money back in a neighborhood poker game).  A certain portion of the sale of all items do go to us.  We do set that percentage.  The website has suggested guidelines at 15%, so that is what we went with.  We aren’t really looking at this as a huge money-maker (I think we are up to $11 right now), but that was never the intent.  My friend Kris, who originally had the t-shirt idea, lives in the S.F. Bay Area. They had a similar thing out there, in that there was a very sick little girl.  Kris shared how cool it was to see stickers, buttons, and shirts out in the community.  The kids who knew that child got to help and show their support for her at the same time. That part did sound good to me, if done within reason.  However, the last thing we would want is someone to go into debt trying to buy a $5 sticker.  We feel very blessed by how much has already been done for us.  Instead of buying something you don’t need, feel free to just smile, say hello, and say a prayer for Delaney (all of which can be done for FREEEEE!!!!!) 

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