Nerd Alert!

This is for all you cancer nerds that crave more of the specifics of Delaney’s medical details. On my last update, I had to make it fast but I wanted to give everyone at least a quick thumbs up. It wasn’t that quick of an appointment, so I’ll try to expand a little here. Here is the good news: her results from the Day 29 testing still have her in the 95% cure rate. To give you any idea how far the medical world has progressed in the fight against leukemia, her approximately 60 year old doctor said when he was Delaney’s age the cure rate was only about 3%. Yayyy for progress!!! They also said that it looked like while Delaney was back in the hospital last week she had stage 2 pancreatitis. Boo for the disease named after delicious pancakes!!! Anyway, it didn’t seem like something they were too concerned about, but they will keep an eye on it.
We then went over the big picture stuff: “Where do we go from here?” Stacey and I are all for helping the medical world further their research (she helps educate the medical world for a living), but we had to draw the line today and opted to pull her out of the study. Basically, here were our options: 1. Go with the proven treatment plan that has the almost 95% success rate or 2. Go with the test treatment plan that might have a success rate as high as 95%. Hmmm… one is proven. The other isn’t, but hopes to possibly have a success rate AS high as (not higher than) the proven one. Let us think about this…hmmm… call us crazy, but I think we’ll take the proven one thanks!
So, with that decided, here is what our cancer future looks like from here: like I said earlier, we are done AND done with the induction phase. Woohoo! Beginning this Thursday, we’ll begin the Consolidation Phase. This will last 4 weeks and the first three weeks will have them injecting a chemo called Intrathecal Methotrexate into her spine. That will be only once a week for those three weeks, but then she will also be taking chemo (6 MP) orally once a day. That will be all of April for us. Then in May, Delaney will start her Interim Maintenance phase which will last eight weeks. The good thing about this phase, is that it means she will only have two years of treatment left from this point (assuming all goes as planned). The bad news, is that it is followed by the Delayed Intensification phase in July and August. They are already warning us that this will be the toughest time of her whole treatment.
During all of this big picture talk, they went into great detail about things like the side effects of Mercaptopurine, VinCristine, Methrotrexate, and Doxorubicin (this one sounds like so much fun that they have to give her an EKG before administering it to her). While I was sitting there trying to take in all the meds/poisons they were going to give our little girl, my head started spinning. I thought it was the magnitude of having to wear gloves to give her something she was going to then put on her unprotected tongue, and about possible side effects that could mess with her heart, but it wouldn’t stop spinning even after they moved on to other things. It got so bad that I started wondering if the brownies that the nice guy from church brought us last night, were of the special “Colorado” variety. It’s not good when you have to worry about the churchies bringing you special brownies.
While I was whining about having the spins and Stacey was digesting the plan for the next two years and two months (since one month is already down), Delaney was having all the nurses and physician assistants fall in love with her cool self. She was just hanging, playing on her mini-iPad that her cousins gave her for just these occasions, and rocking her new glasses with the built in mustache. There she was about to get poked with needles and prodded again and she was just sitting as cool as a cucumber while her old man was just being educated about her treatment plans and could only respond with, “whoaaaa mannn… do you think that brownie could have been trippy???”
Any way, I hope you medical nerds got your fill, because tomorrow I’ve got something so exciting it is going to bust cancer right in the stache… stay tuned!

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