Foolin’ around Delaney style

I am not sure if I felt the whiskers on my face first, or heard the giggling coming from the side of my bed. “Hon!!!! Help! One of the guinea pigs got out and is crawling on my face!!!” My wife was just as excited, “Oh no! It must have gotten out of its cage somehow.” Then the source of the giggles, Delaney, “APRIL FOOLS!”
I told you that we are learning that we need to take this whole leukemia thing hour by hour, so I thought I would share how our first hour of today went (don’t worry, I promise I won’t give you all 24). We went from the “guinea pig” (one of her stuffed animals) on my face, to downstairs for breakfast. Right away I noticed a cup on its side with some ketchup next to it. “Sorry Dad, I spilled my Power Ade!” Delaney informed me. “Can I have some Froot Loops?” he he he, “the box is already out.” “Sure” I played along only to find that the bottom of the box had been cut out. “April Fools!” again. So how is Little Miss Delaney feeling right now? I would say pretty silly!

2 thoughts on “Foolin’ around Delaney style

  1. Ahh… the laughter and smiles, giggles and playfulness of children. What a blessing to behold, and a treasure when one of your own is the object of the observation.

    I am so glad to hear this news, and continue to pray diligently for Delaney’s victory over Leukemia.

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