Thank God for my wife…

…that’s all I can say. The doctors still have no idea what’s going on with Delaney, who is in good spirits (but very hungry) this morning. Starting yesterday with when the medics dropped her off and deferred to Stacey to fill in the ER docs, to now every time the docs and nurses come in they seem to look to her for guidance and feedback. The past 15 years have definitely served her well to prepare her for this, and today I will thank God for blessing me and my entire family with my beautiful and very smart wife!

6 thoughts on “Thank God for my wife…

  1. I hold her in my prayers all day, and know that two together is an army that drives tens of thousands away. I claim healing for Delaney in Jesus’ name.

    Give her a hud from her fake invisible dad.I will always hold her and your family in prayer.


  2. Your awesome Tom! It is so beautiful to hear you praise your wife like that. Our prayers continue to be with all of you. Love, The Stone Family

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