My mother-in-law informed me I had everyone in a “tither” which wasn’t my intention, but I figured I better shoot a quick update. We don’t know what is going on yet as they took her labs and she is getting X-rays right now, BUT she is in good spirits and even let out a “Weeeeee!!!!” As they wheeled her off to X-ray.
We just got the update that we will be spending the night here so they can observe her. 😦
Quick funny update to whoever prayed for God to send his messengers. My Pastor just showed up at the ER. He just happened to be next door. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mini-update

  1. Tom. …Stacy and all family…we so want to know the updates…it is very important…no “tither” for me…pray every day for you …your family and for the special Delaney….Mike and Ania…Long Beach.

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