Last update for tonight

Okay, I’ll back up and share what happened earlier today to help explain what in the heck we are doing back in the hospital. Delaney woke up this morning and was doing great! She had her usual Denver Bronco lineman’s breakfast and then started on some Legos. It was actually really cute as Stacey was working from home and sitting at her laptop and Delaney was sitting next to her also “working” on her Legos. I went in to work and the day was going about like a normal day.
After lunch, she was in pain, which isn’t unusual. The pain started getting a lot worse, so her sister went and got Stacey. When Stacey went to check on her, she quickly started going south. She went from seriously not knowing if she was even awake or asleep, telling Stacey to stop poking her (even though nobody was even touching her), to just being incoherent. Her pulse was racing, breathing was labored, and she was in a ton of pain. Stacey called the helpline number they gave us and they instructed her to call 911 and get her to the ER immediately.
We have since been moved from the ER back to the old familiar cancer floor. It was cute, as soon as we got in the room we had a knock on the door. Delaney was in the bathroom and when I opened the door she heard the familiar, “pizza?” Delaney, remembering that her new friends with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Harley Davidson group bought the entire floor pizza once a week, immediately asked, “is it Tuesday???”
Anyway, after her labs, X-rays, and examinations, they still don’t know what is going on with her. It might be an infection, toxicity from the chemo, tiflitis (sp?), or she might just be full of poop (I’m pretty sure she gets that from her Mom’s side of the family). We are here at least one night while they observe her and try to figure out what is going on.
She was in good spirits because a (former) friend brought her a Smashburger before the doc was able to order clear liquids only. I say “former” friend because she asked if Stacey and I wanted anything and actually thought I was kidding when I answered, “wine.” You are dead to me Ned.

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