12:01 is technically a new day right?

So I know that I said that the last update was going to be it for the night, but that was yesterday. It is now Wednesday, so I am allowed one more update.
I am learning cancer doesn’t necessarily work on our schedule. If you’ll recall from my last update, Delaney was in good spirits, catching a little snooze, and I was going to catch up with all of you after tomorrow’s labs, or after we heard from the doctor or something. Well after sleeping for almost three hours she woke up and casually mentioned that her knee hurt. Two minutes later, she was screaming that her knee hurt.
If you don’t know Delaney, she’s a pretty tough kid. For example, almost a year ago, we were going to ride our bikes to the concert in the park. Her training wheels had been off for a couple of months and she was ready for a real bike ride. As we headed down a hill by our house, she hit a patch of gravel and literally went end over end on her bike before smashing her face into the gravel. She got up, was visibly shaken, and then cried for maybe all of five minutes.
Tonight, she screamed at the top of her lungs for an hour straight! She wouldn’t let the doctors even touch her knee to examine it. It was one of those heartbreaking moments as a parent when your child is in so much pain, and you can do absolutely nothing about it. Then, after a little over an hour, she was completely fine.
What caused her pain? Some possibilities that were thrown out there: a blood clot, joint pain that sometimes happens at the end of the induction phase, or an infection in her blood. No real answers yet; hopefully they will come later today. For now, she is peacefully catching some shut eye, and I think that I’ll join her. Good night moon.

3 thoughts on “12:01 is technically a new day right?

  1. GOD Bless Delaney. Here is to her getting some peaceful sleep and you guys getting some rest as well. Does she know there are more Star Wars Movies coming out!!! 2015 is the first one!!!

  2. How terrifying for you all . I wonder what it was? I’m glad she is able to sleep and knowing that she is in good hands hopefully can allow you to get some too.

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