Moms… you gotta love them!

I’m not sure if all moms have the knack of honesty that my own mother had or if she was just some sort of savant. I would come home from college or some other time being away, give my mom a hug, only to be greeted with, “Boy, you got fat!” I would chuckle and say something along the lines of, “Thanks mom, I love you too!” To which she would reply, “No seriously, you can really see it in your face. Your cheeks are huge!” I guess it wasn’t just my own mother, because I remember an ex-girlfriend’s mother asking me about a week after I had my wisdom teeth pulled, “Oh my gosh Tom, when will all that swelling go down???” What swelling? Any swelling was gone at least three days earlier. I figured it was the equivalent of asking a woman what her due date is, only to be informed (usually with a swift kick in the nuts) that she isn’t even pregnant.
I guess it is kind of funny when it is me, but not so much when it is Delaney. It has only three weeks of taking the steroids, and she has already gained over 25% of her body weight. You can have fun computing your own numbers, but for me that would equate to a gain of over 50 pounds in three weeks! The good news is that she hopefully only has to take the steroids for one more week.
One of her best friends saw her last weekend and asked, “What’s wrong with Delaney?”. We are by no means upset with comments like that especially considering they are just kids, but it is just sad. However, nothing broke our hearts like two days ago. She was basically writhing in pain, and for the first time ever said, “it’s not fair Mommy!” Stacey tried to hold back her own tears, gave Delaney a big hug, and just said, “You’re right baby, it’s not fair!”
Today’s chemo session is a little different only because we have transitioned over to the local doctor. I’m not sure if I already explained the deciding factor, but basically the big thing was that this doctor is already a specialist in cancer and has been for years (as opposed to the also very qualified doctor at Children’s, that was a doctor already, but becoming a specialist in cancer). It also a smaller facility so she will be treated by the same people every time we go so they will get the pleasure of getting to know Delaney better as well. The big logistical change for us is that it adds one day to our routine, as she now needs to go get her labs drawn again the day before chemo. When we have our really big days (ie. next week’s day 29 treatment) we will be heading back to Children’s. Good times… Ahhh to go back to the times when my biggest worry was wondering what kind of insult my mommy was going to lay on me!
Here is a pic of Delaney during today’s treatment (notice the best nurse in the world, Delaney’s Mommy, assisting):


7 thoughts on “Moms… you gotta love them!

  1. It isn’t fair and I want to scream it to the world that a sweet little girl should never have to go through this. Bur, boy, is she brave and beautiful and you guys are so amazing. Your grace and raw honesty are amazingly powerful and inspiring.

  2. Delaney,
    You are a tuff kiddo. Your family is really special, and I am praying that you won’t have to take so much yucky stuff and get all better really soon.

  3. She is still beautiful 🙂 You guys are really amazing. Someday Delaney will realize how many people her journey has touched and inspired. Your whole family has. Sending love and prayers everyday to you guys. It isn’t fair, but God won’t give you what you can’t handle and maybe he knew she could. Only Jedis get such tough missions. And she will be leading Force in no time at all.

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