Pele, Ronaldo, and Delaney

Quick update from this morning’s appointment: Praise God, because all is good! I didn’t share that we were preparing mentally for Delaney to have to get her first blood transfusion. The way her counts have been dropping before going into this and then the way she has just faded over the past 24 hours had us getting ready for some bad news today, but everything came back okay. They think maybe it is just the medicine catching up with her or that even possibly she is coming down with something, but for now, vampires need not apply!

With that said, I realized that I am doing what I vowed NOT to do: making you all cancer nerds. I mean really, look at yourselves! It’s bad enough that most of you still have a full head of hair which is so “Revenge of the Nerds”, but now you medical types are waiting with baited breath to hear the specifics of lab results. Really? Lab results? That is what excites you??? It’s like you are on the Bachelor waiting for a rose ( but I must say last night’s episode just had to be the Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony… EVER!). Okay, not really, but my point of all of this is I need to get back to letting you get to know Delaney! Not cancer, not chemotherapy, not lab results, but a little stud that loves playing soccer with her buddies.

I am out of the loop on the today’s soccer landscape, but I think Beckham (what a hunk!) and Ronaldo (I hope that I am not getting him confused with that “Rico Suave” guy) are supposed to be pretty good. Well, let’s just say, neither of them need to be threatened with Delaney’s mad skills! She is a proud member of the Dynamite and actually plays up a year so she can be on the same team as her best pals Carly and Cameron.

Before I get back to that, let me just share that the head coach of the Dynamite (a dear friend of ours), went out and bought the entire team orange (the color of leukemia awareness) headbands and socks. They will still wear the blue uniforms, but will add the orange and play the entire season in Delaney’s honor. With their orange and blue, they are going to be looking like Delaney’s favorite football team: the Denver Broncos!

Anyway, I wanted to quickly get back to bragging about her skills with you. About 95% of her goals took place when she had the good fortune of slowing a ball down as it rapidly approached the goal. “Did that bounce off her into the goal??? YES!!!! GOOOOOAAAALLLLLL for Delaney!!!!” was usually how it went down, but there was this one time, where it was entirely different. Delaney’s teammate passed the ball to her while she was still about 15 feet from the goal. The only problem was one of the other team’s stars were in between Delaney and the goal. Delaney juked left, then she juked right, and then it all went to slow motion. She did a perfect kick and the whole crowd went silent and watched the ball sail right OVER the defender and into the goal. GOOOAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! The crowd erupted in cheers and the smile on Delaney’s face could have lit up the darkest cancer ward. The pic below is one Mom took with Delaney and her favorite assistant coach right after the game. Go Dynamite!!!!


7 thoughts on “Pele, Ronaldo, and Delaney

  1. Who knew Delaney and I also both love playing soccer. Started my 1st team 2 years ago…and yes the ball typically bounces off me as well. Okay well, I have only had 1 goal and it was in slow motion with no goalie around as I tipped it in. ; )

  2. Hi , I’m Lorraine Richers friend from way back! I love the picture of Delany after her big game! you have a champ there, and she is in God’s hands! continuous prayers going up for you all!

  3. That was a great blog and a huge blessing. My allergies must be acting up because my eyes are a little wet.

  4. Tom and Family. Awesome updates. Still praying for you all. Am having a custom orange bracelet made. Hunting down cancer is my theme. Thanks for your words. Your lives encourage us!

  5. Was sharing the blog with my mom who has also know Stacy since we were little…..she can’t get over how much Delaney looks just like Stacy at the same age! We are praying away for all of you! Will be wearing a lot more orange!

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