Boobs and bacon

And with one ill-advised title, this blog loses half its followers and has the Churchies shift their prayers from Delaney to Tom. Anyway as you can imagine with four girls, we have plenty of drama in our house, but we also have more than our share of fun and silly conversations.
Like yesterday when Delaney told her sister Emily, “if you are wrapped in bacon and surrounded by donuts when you wake up, don’t worry it just means you are in my belly.” Or when Ashley saw Delaney’s port for the first time and yelled, “no fair! You got a THIRD boob before I even got my first!” If you don’t know Ash, she is obsessed with boobs to the point that this past Christmas they made her wish list for Santa.
For you praying peeps, go ahead and pray for my sanity, but Delaney has another lab draw today and we are almost expecting some of the important counts to have dropped. She is still her silly self, but she is just more… Pale and more run down. Nothing serious, but a lot of folks are asking what they can pray for, so I guess her white blood cell count to be heading back in the right direction so she can get her little expanding Buddha butt back to school!

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