Tater tots and napping

Hi this is Ashley, Delaney’s sister.

Delaney has been napping almost once a day, everyday. She is really tired, and sleepy. Today Mackenzie, Delaney, and I were playing with play-doh, that was until Delaney sat down on the couch, and had a little snooze-fest. When she woke up she was demanding tater-tots (she was actually demanding them). OK I’m not the best writer, but you get the idea. For breakfast everyone had doughnuts, and bacon because of her empty stomach. Someone even gave us a bundt cake, for free! Bye!

— This is Tom with a quick update from yesterday’s chemo appointment. Delaney is doing great (and as you can see from Ashley’s post she is just really hungry from the steroids and tired from the chemo). Her white blood cell count is still low but everything else was actually pretty good. Thank you AGAIN for all the prayers and support!!!! PS: If you know Ashley and actually see Ashley, please ask her about ASHLEY. She is having a little trouble with all the attention her little sister is getting. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Tater tots and napping

  1. It is difficult for both kids and adults to understand what is happening inside our bodies. After Jemma’s diagnosis we have been studying cells and the human body. I found this series of kid videos on youtube and they helped Jemma understand a little more about Leukemia. Mostly they are about the body, but the one on bone marrow focuses quite a bit on Leukemia. Maybe they will help Delaney too. I would recommend you watch them first. http://highhillhomeschool.blogspot.com/2012/09/cells-human-body-science.html

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