Combs 4 sale!

So Emily and I decided to let Delaney decide what we did for St. Baldrick’s (if anything). Like I already expressed, we were prepared to cut no hair or all of it, we just didn’t want to scare her. As recent as yesterday, we were still planning on no hair.
However, today Delaney thought it would be silly if her Dad got a Mohawk (pity this fool that doesn’t look as good as Mr. T!). She didn’t want Em to do a Mohawk or shave her head, but thought “Locks of Love” was a great idea, so Emily donated about a foot of her hair so someone else that loses their hair can have a wig made out of her former long locks.
Delaney’s Jedi Knights raised over $2300 for St. Baldrick’s Charity. Here is part of the team including Our good friend Wil, Emily, me, and our head Jedi.


3 thoughts on “Combs 4 sale!

  1. Is Delaney planning on shaving her mustache too? I hope she keeps it. It makes me feel better about mine. πŸ˜‰ Emily’s hair looks so cute and love the mohawk! Great job everybody!

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