Important Update for Sunday’s St. Baldrick’s Event

Let me start by just stating the obvious: I’m an idiot. Unfortunately, I am one of those “Ready, Fire!, Aim” kind of guys. Last week when we were in the hospital, I saw some posters promoting St. Baldricks and thought, “Hmmm… I wonder if Delaney would want me to shave my head too?” I decided that when she started losing her hair, I would also cut mine. When I came back to work this week a co-worker mentioned the St. Baldrick’s event this Sunday. Being the act now think later guy that I am, I took it and ran with it.
I completely missed one very important part, WHEN Delaney starts losing her hair, I will cut mine off as well. However, Delaney still has a full head of very beautiful hair. She is naturally scared about losing her hair and doesn’t fully understand what is happening. I am realizing that the last thing we need to do is scare her even more by having her Dad and two of her sisters leave the house Sunday morning with a full head of hair and come back completely bald. We just want to love and support her, not traumatize her!
That leaves me in a little bit of a conundrum. We have been promoting it and planning on it, but I don’t think any of my family will be participating in the actual head shaving (I’ve been trying to talk my other daughters out of it anyway because other kids can still be pretty mean in the 4th grade and for some reason college guys don’t usually line up to ask the bald chick out). We also love and appreciate the support, but we don’t want to pressure ANYONE else and make them feel like they need to do this.
So my dilemma was this: Do I just cancel the whole thing or just go anyway and not do the head shaving? Bottom line is this: this is still an awesome charity and all monies raised go to a great cause so we will go and enjoy the festivities for a great cause. But we will also be coming back home with all the hair on our heads, still firmly intact (and in my case, I’ll still have too much hair on my back, my…) Thank you for understanding and I am sorry about this (I’ll also be removing any items promoting it on facebook, at my workplace, etc.).

Quick silly Delaney update: For some reason before we went to bed last night someone mentioned bacon. Delaney said, “Mmm… bacon. How dare you mention bacon before I fall asleep?” She then woke up this morning and was almost immediately singing the bacon song (you know, “bacon, bacon, baaaaaconnnn!”). As it turns out, we didn’t have any bacon so I did an early morning grocery run to get the little goofball some bacon. By the time I got home she had already eaten a bagel, eggs, wanted even more eggs and was literally doing a bacon dance. They warned us that the steroids we have to give her would give her a voracious appetite, we just didn’t know they would turn her into a little bacon werewolf!

2 thoughts on “Important Update for Sunday’s St. Baldrick’s Event

  1. Dude, I was actually contemplating flying out there and shaving my head with you, but I can’t get out there this weekend. When will you shave? I will check my schedule!!!!

  2. Don’t remove the promotions for this wonderful charity just because it isn’t time for you to shave! You can still raise money in her honor, which is awesome! Then when the time comes you can shave your head 🙂 You definitely don’t want to traumatize her anymore than you have to, but you had a great thought and unfortunately you will still have an opportunity to shave later!! You all have such amazing attitudes and I am in awe!! We are continuing to pray and are here to support all of you!

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