The History of Yoda’s Hairdo

I am not going to pretend that I am as much of an expert on Star Wars as Delaney, but I think I know a thing or doodoo about a certain little green Jedi Knight. I think you’ll agree with me, that the best scene in Episode 1 was when Yoda went to fight Darth Maul who was doing his evil laugh at Yoda because he thought that he forgot to bring his light saber. Yoda let out a quick, “Tricked you sucka!” before pulling the light saber out of his afro. That fro was a good look for him.
I guess the second episode’s dreadlocks were kind of a natural progression for Yoda and I like how they played Bob Marley’s “Everything’s going to be alright” every time he floated onto the screen. It’s really just a matter of taste, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Episode 3’s Pippy Longstocking/Snoop Dog look. I would never dare say it to his face, but I thought Yoda looked plain silly with his Mullet in Episode 4. And while we are on the topic of episode 4, let’s agree that we are all glad he replaced his catch phrase of “Business upfront/party in the back” with “May the force be with you.”
I don’t know that I could pull it off, but Yoda didn’t look too shabby with his comb-over in Episode 5. It was a shame when Donald Trump started threatening “bad haircut infringement” lawsuits against the little fella. My real favorite was Episode 6 when Yoda proved once again, that bald really is beautiful. I’m hoping the rumors aren’t true that Episode 7 is going to have him sporting Mickey ears over his bald noggin.
So, here is my point with all of that, if Yoda can rock the bald “do”, so can I, and so can YOU??? That’s right, I am inviting you to join “Delaney’s Jedi Knights” at a St. Baldrick’s event this Sunday. It is at Lansdowne Arms Bistro & Pub in Highlands Ranch, CO starting at 11 this Sunday, March 10th. If you have always wanted to become a Jedi Knight and want to join the team or if you just want to donate in Delaney’s honor, here is a link where you can do so (ignore my pre-Jedi “before” photo):
Any funds donated will go right to St. Baldricks to help them continue to fight the good fight against Leukemia and other childhood cancers. Some people have asked to give specifically to Delaney’s care, so a good friend set this link up for that reason (I should note that the St. Baldricks donation IS tax deductible whereas this would just be a gift and is NOT tax deductible):
What? Your broke right now? So are we! So let’s make a dealio: you continue to lift Delaney up in prayer and we’ll call it even. Speaking of you “Ned Flanders” types, we attend Mountain View Community Church which happens to be almost right across the street from this Sunday’s event. You are more than welcome to come worship with us at the 9 AM service before the event and then we’ll head over afterwards (depending on who is preaching this weekend, we may even want to go grab a quick adult beverage or 7 before the service— Love you Pastor Ken!).
Either way, if you are local we’d love to see you out there Sunday as it should be a lot of fun. They are scheduled to have bounce houses (snow permitting), firetrucks, and a parade where Delaney will be announced as one of the Honored Kids (regardless of whether or not she can actually make it which is pretty doubtful at this point). If she is able to stop by, please don’t ask her about shaving her head. That is completely her decision and if and when she wants to do that, we’ll be all over it. Hopefully you understand this and realize that the hair loss can be one of the most traumatic things about cancer (even to kids as studly as Delaney). So whether you use the Mullet…err… Force and donate online, come out in person, or join in on the head shaving fun, we want to thank you in advance as it is all very much appreciated!!!! So… who wants to be one of “Delaney’s Jedi Knights”???

Delaney Update: I can tell I didn’t do a very good job of explaining her treatment schedule for the month. Every Tuesday she will go in and have blood drawn for lab work. Every Friday, she will go in for a dose of chemo. If you are wondering, like I did, about what if it looks really good on that 29th day? Will she still have to do the full 2 years and 8 months of the treatment? Unfortunately, yes.
Because today happens to be Tuesday, she just did her first labs since being released from the hospital. Everything looks good with the exception of her white blood cell count being low. Because of this, her body can’t fight off infection like yours, so we are going to have to keep our “No Visitor” policy going for a little bit. Don’t worry though she will be running around wreaking crazy havoc with all of her friends in no time, but for now we are just going to play it safe .

7 thoughts on “The History of Yoda’s Hairdo

  1. We are so excited that Delaney is now part of St. Baldricks (well not excited…but you know what I mean). Mia was already signed up here to cut her ponytail off with St. Baldricks and she couldn’t decide on a child to honor, so now she gets to honor Delaney!! Our event is on March 17 and she has already raised over $1200! What a wonderful organization to honor your beautiful daughter 🙂 We are keeping her in our prayers, and make sure you watch for a Joy Jar to be delivered to her.

  2. Thank you for your daily updates Tom! What a blessing to know more specifically what to pray for. We love you guys and are praying hard core for you all and for Delaney’s full recovery. I loved Emily’s post. Thank you to her for sharing her heart. Praying for a successful and fun event Sunday and for Godly endurance on the road ahead.

  3. I will be shaving my head in Eagle, CO at a St. Baldrick’s event. I will also be sporting my bald head everyday with a name of a child that I am honoring while I am bald. Yes, woman, bald by choice. I would love to sport Delaney’s name one day if that is ok with you. I put my website link below, I will post pics of my meanderings in the world while bald on my blog. Hang in there and thanks for keeping us updated. We are praying.

  4. We are praying for Delaney and your whole family!!! Thanks for the updates. Love to you all, The Bundy family

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