Getting all Jiggy with it

       So I am noticing that at 3 in the morning, there aren’t a ton of options.  I can pray or I can blog, so I usually do both.  Anyhoo, I am not sure if I mentioned, but a friend had the entire third grade class at her school (which isn’t even Delaney’s school by the way) make Delaney get well cards.  It was really cute because every card had a mustache somewhere on it and their little handwritten notes were so sweet they could break your heart.  I noticed that one repeated theme that kept coming up was her name (“I like your name, why did you name yourself Delaney?”).

      I haven’t thought about her name in a long time, but I thought I would share our brief story behind it.  My wife and I came across in it and really liked it, so it became one of our finalists (along with Jackson, Sam, and a million other boy names I never got to use).  Someone asked if we had ever heard the old Jimmy Buffett song with “Delaney” in it?  Sure, we love margaritas… oh wait… not THAT Jimmy Buffett song!  “It is one of the best Daddy/Daughter songs ever, you’ve GOT to listen to it!”  So we did, and it went from one of our finalists, to THE name for the daughter growing in my wife’s belly.

      Looking at it the lyrics now something immediately jumps out at me as it relates to our (non) adventure with leukemia.  She is taking a LOT of medicine.  In fact yesterday when we told the doctor her mouth was bugging her, he looked at it and said, “I’m guessing she just isn’t used to taking 17 pills a day.”  She HATES that part of her treatment. Inject some chemo in her port and she is fine.  Make her take a bunch of pills, liquids, and rinses, and she’s going to put up a fight (one of the Child Life Specialists told us that trying to get kids to take their medicine is very often the most frustrating things for parents of kids with leukemia). 

      “She speaks a language of her own that I cannot discover,” sings old Jimmy Buffett and he was absolutely right.  When it comes to taking her medicine, Delaney has literally created her own language. “Poof-a-do-doo,” she’ll say with almost tears in her eyes. “Come on baby, it’ll help you get better,” we plead.  “Poof-a-do-doo” is what we’ll get back.  Anyway, it really is a beautiful song so I thought I would share it with all of you (sorry, but I THINK you’ll actually have to be on a computer to hear it but who knows because those smart phones are pretty darn smart these days).

       Here are some more of the lyric’s and then I’ll just (attempt to) attach the song:

Delaney draws me pictures she finger paints the sand

we chase the dogs and hop like frogs, then I do my bad handstand.

She’s growing up too fast for me and asking lots of questions

Some I know the answers to and some I’m looking for suggestions.

Father, daughter…



   While I am ATTEMPTING to get fancy and do a post with music, I figured I may as well share one other song.  It came on the radio the radio the other day and it had me thinking.  It was the song that got me through my first Ironman and I realized that this is going to be the longest endurance event we’ll ever face.  It is called “You Never Let Go” by Matt Redman and here are some of its lyrics:

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death your perfect love is casting out fear. And even when I am caught in the middle of the storms of this life I won’t turn back I know you are near.

—-Quick D update: She is in great spirits, but the meds are starting to definitely take their toll.  She wants to run around and play with her friends and sisters, but she is just a lot more run down these days.  As you already saw we brought her home from the hospital yesterday to cards, posters, presents and well wishes from what felt anyone that has ever met her.  There have been SO MANY acts of kindness that I am really trying to NOT single out any one thing as to not leave anyone or thing out.  However,  I’ve got to break my own rule just because I thought it was just so darn sweet.  A sixth grade boy that has probably never even met Delaney baked cookies, and went door to door selling them to raise money for her.  When we got home there was an envelope with the money he raised in it that said, “to Delaney from Jackson (and then he referenced the friends of his that do know Delaney). Along with the envelope was a baggie with a couple of the best homemade chocolate chip cookies ever! Like I mentioned on a Facebook post last night turn on the news and you will hear almost nothing but all the evil in this world.  In spite of that, all we are feeling is love and support for our little stinker.



OKAY: I know the music didn’t upload but I wanted to get you the rest of the update. I couldn’t figure it out but feel like I could actually sleep, so I’m just going to send this out anyway. All together now: Worst. Blog. EVER.
PS: My insomnia was good for something. I figured out how Delaney’s sisters could be contributors on this blog. It is unfortunately their (non) adventure too and this is almost kind of therapeutic so consider yourself warned. As a reminder, we won’t know or be offended if you click the unsubscribe button. Well, Ashley might deck you, but the rest of us are perfectly cool with it. Honestly! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting all Jiggy with it

  1. I love Buffett and the song! I know the song and loved it long ago. To add some humor, we almost used it for a dog name but it had too many syllables! I didn’t get to use it for a kiddo so I wanted to try to use it! Love her name!

  2. I love your blog. I went to highschool with your beautiful sweet wife. I am amazed actually that you are doing this blog. It seems so hard opening up like this, and I just want to say that although I am not enjoying what is happening in your lives, I log on to read about your sweet Delaney every day. I feel like crying reading your thoughts, and then you make me laugh with something you say. I think about her and your familiy’s’ fight and I just keep thinking good thoughts and wishing you well. All of you. Big hugs from the old school.

  3. Delaney,
    There is something worse than all the stuff the doctor has you taking: BRUSSELLS SROUTS… Eeeewww! Beets are pretty nasty, too.

    I have a friend named Patrick. I have known him for about 20 years, and though we have never been in the same room, he is one of my very bestest friends. He lives in Latvia. He, and another pastor in Africa who is a friend of mine, and about 200 friends form my church here are all praying for you. I haven’t met your mommy, but I know your daddy, and he is a really special friend I get to work with sometimes.

    Right about now, I think there may be several thousand of my friends who are asking God to make it so you don’t have to take any more medicine, and that you get all better. A few of them are probably praying you never have to eat Brussells Sprouts and beets, too.

    I would love to hear that this mean junk is gone, and you are all better, and will say tons of prayers for you and your family. You see, I am a dad, too. My kiddos are older, but I am still a dad, and I have two girls who are sweet, just like you and your sisters.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know you have a bazillion people out there pulling for you. We all are praying you get better really quick, because you are a special young lady.

  4. I love reading this blog everyday! Redstone wants you to know that we are all with you in spirit everyday as you all continue on this (non) adventure! It makes me smile reading about your faith, your strength and most of all the fact that you continue to laugh. God bless you all and thanks for being such an amazing family!

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