Sorry for the double post tonight, but Stacey really wanted to do a post for all of her nursing friends, but she is curled up with Delaney sleeping so soundly (mustache to mustache). To tell you how exhausting this thing has been, unlike me who can fall asleep standing up at a rock concert, Stacey doesn’t nap and today she napped and has already conked out for the night. Anyway, I felt like I couldn’t leave you hanging by saying that she was going to share our good news and then not have another update.
Here it is in English: We are leaving the hospital TOMORROW which is a day earlier than expected because Delaney is such a rockstar! The doctor said if this was a report card Delaney would be getting straight A’s!
Here is my attempt at Medical-Ese (heck, I don’t even play a doctor on TV): We got some of the results from the genetic testing tonight. He said that it could come back at Tel-AMLI or ETV6-RUN??? (sorry I am trying to decipher the doctor’s writing on Delaney’s erase board and whatever it says is mixed in with Delaney’s tally marks for every time she goes tinkle or takes a pill— It might be ETV6-RUNXI???). Anyway, whatever the second one says is the better of the two and that is what Delaney has. Stacey said it is basically an early indicator of how she is going to respond (again, I think) and it is very good. Also, her cancer blasts are already down to 7 so we are hoping to be down to 0 by as early as day 14 or 29. Whatever the chemo Delaney gets tomorrow (a peg?) is a doozy. Apparently, it is so rough that they only give it once for the whole duration of the chemo.

I hope this helps some of you medical types… now that’ll be $500.

9 thoughts on “Zzzzzz….

  1. I love your posts and look forward to getting them.   We went out on a boat on the ocean with a friend today and we all did the polar bear plunge off the front of the boat.  I think I’m preparing for TAR 27 when leukemia is a thing of the past and we can get back to winning.   Love you guys!  Congrats on going home a day early.  Please tell Delaney I am proud of her and that she has to do the polar bear plunge with us after she gets rid of the Leukemia. 

  2. We are new to the Redstone family this year and want to thank you for allowing us all to support you. This post is great news! These little people have so much more fight than us big people. And do it so fearlessly. Thank goodness for a good report. We will be thinking of you and sending positive healing vibes and prayers! Much love the Salazar family.

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