I’m no Jack Handy, but…

“One thing vampire children have to be taught early on is, don’t run with wooden stakes.”  -Saturday Night Live’s Jack Handy


      With apologies to Jack Handy, I don’t have a lot of “Deep Thoughts,” but I have a lot of random thoughts to share so I thought I would combine them in one post instead of 107 different posts in a day. So without further ado-doo, here they are in no particular order:

-I lied. This one is in order as I don’t want to be a prayer hog, but I am calling out to my prayer warrior peeps.  I just met another very nice person that I would have loved to never of met.  Molly is the mom to her 2 year old daughter Luca, who was just diagnosed yesterday.   Please also Lift them up in prayers. Her husband is trying to fly back from Australia and last night she was told her little angel has leukemia.  If nothing else, I am glad I was able to share what she could expect and I hope she can find hope in how Delaney’s week went.

– Besides the nice people, I am realizing this hospital is the best place that should never have to exist.   I think I called it Children’s Hospital of Aurora in one of my first posts, but it is Children’s Hospital Colorado.  People come here from Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, etc. and it just happens to be in our backyard.  It has been AMAZING!  The staff here have all been fantastic and genuinely care about Delaney and want her to do well.  Every little detail has been thought of and taken care of.  It exists for the kids and getting them better no matter what they are battling (they do a lot more than cancer as each floor seems to be something different— Heart, neuro, etc.).  Friday they celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss in the lobby.  They had princesses from every fairy tale, pro athletes, Ms. Colorado, and even Thing 1 and Thing 2 (aka Chocolate Thunder!!!).  Delaney couldn’t go down to the main lobby so someone came up and gave her a Dr. Seuss book and a stuffed Cat in the Hat.  That is just one very small example of the example of just how great they have been here.

—When I was in 7th grade I went to a church camp with a boy named Roger Malloy (RIP).  Everyone was congregating below Roger’s cabin when we heard a loud, “Full Moon!!!”  and looked up to see Roger’s bare butt hanging out his window.  Why in the world am I talking about “mooning”?  Well, besides the chemo, they are giving Delaney steroids (they obviously haven’t seen her muscles!).  The steroids will probably give her that round “moon face” you see on all the leukemia posters. I told you it was going to be random, and It doesn’t get much more random than a Roger Malloy and his bare butt.

—People ask if Stacey and I are doing okay and I guess my answer to that is, considering the circumstances, we are doing okay about 98% of the time.  When we are around Delaney it is hard to not be okay because she’s got that whole infectious smiley groove thing going on.  But there are other times when we are by ourselves, or trying to talk to say the words, “Our daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia,” or even when I take my dog to get groomed before Delaney gets home and the nice lady working there grabs my bill and says, “You’ve got enough going on, I’ll get this for you!” and I get so emotional that I can’t even verbalize “thank you” and only hope that the thumbs up I was able to manage is universal (meanwhile her teen co-worker was probably about to get on the loud speaker with “I’ve got an old dude crying like a baby in aisle two… Awkwarrrrrddd!”

—There has got to be some money in the treatment of cancer.  There is Children’s Hospital and there is another facility closer to our house and either can do the chemo so the doctor from the other facility called us.  It felt like a sales call, “Well, I would really like to earn your business” he may as well have said.  We let him come by so we could meet him.  Picture Ben Stein wearing a tie with Goofy on it and you’ll have the visual.  So he tried to sell us on his facility but had a mini-dilemma.  He wanted to point out any benefits his place offered but couldn’t talk TOO bad about Children’s because he doesn’t know which place we’ll end up at.  Like any good salesman he made his follow up call at about 7:30 this morning (early bird gets the $$$).  We just want whatever will be best for our little Delaney.

—Hair loss will probably be in about 1.5 weeks from now.  For those friends that are close, maybe don’t have your kids(or even you) bring it up with her.  I’m sure she’ll be okay when it happens, but she isn’t thrilled about it now.

—Quick update for this morning: she is doing okay (not great by any means).  She already got physically sick and is just taking it easy now. Her white blood cell count is even lower today (which is expected). As of right now, we are still expecting that doozy chemo at 11 and are still hopeful to leave today.  To be honest, I think Stacey and I are just fine with them keeping her here an extra day if that’s what they think will be best for her.

—Our new friend Luca is actually in surgery right now getting her own port, puncture, and other crap that no kid should have to ever deal with.  Her Dad is stuck on a 20 hour flight trying to get back to them.  Please say a prayer for them.  Thank you all and have a blessed Sunday!

“If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell them is “God is crying.” And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is “Probably because of something you did.”   —-Sorry, but Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts were too good to just leave you with one.

7 thoughts on “I’m no Jack Handy, but…

  1. You are so funny, Tom….you have an amazing sense of humor and glad you still have it through all of this. Also, glad to know my old friend, Stacey, picked an awesome husband and father. Many prayers to you and your beautiful family especially Miss Delaney. I sure hope the “doozy” isn’t too rough on her. Will be thinking of her and only wishing for the best outcome. I’m sorry that your family is dealing with this…puts a lot of things in perspective for many people. FYI, I’m also following and praying for Tripp Halstead, you can look it up on FB “Tripp Halstead updates”….4 months ago a tree branch fell on this beautiful two year’s old head. He has been fighting for his life ever since. His parents had fertility to have him and also lost a baby girl not long ago. They were told no more kids. Very sad for all. So amongst all of your prayers, like you said, there are so many beautiful angels to pray for..uh, anyone at a children’s hospital is worthy of a prayer…so here is to praying for all of them. Much love and hugs to the whole Stafford Family. Xoxoxo Molly Reid (Stacey’s old sorority big sister)

  2. You are all in my prayers… What a brave little girl you have been blessed with and what a loving family surrounding her. Looking forward to your progress reports and continued good news. God bless…

  3. Tom, I fully believe Delaney is in the utmost best care in this world. I love following and reading your posts. Thinking about your whole family lots!

  4. Lots of prayers for Delaney this morning at church! From Long Beach, CA to Aurora, CO, prayers for health, strength and comfort for all of you.
    Jenny Watson Stuart
    Delta Gamma

  5. Tommy how can you make me cry and laugh at the same time??? God Bless you and Stacey. God Bless Dalaney. Love you lots and praying lots.
    Eric and Lorraine

  6. Team Stafford
    Reading your updates gives us a whole new perspective on raising kids and being a family. Thanks for your words and keep up the fight. We’re praying for Delaney and her support crew. Sometimes we just pray for “normal.”

    Keep going

    Chad and Jeanette

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