Meet (some of) the supporting cast

As it turns out, this is going to be a long (non) adventure. I apologize if I already told you, but WHEN (not if) all goes well, Delaney is looking at 2 years and 8 months of chemotherapy. A not so fun fact for you, if she was a boy a whole year would be added to that time. If all the guys are thinking, “Nuts!” They are correct. Apparently it is because the cancer will hide down there requiring boys a full extra year. Anyway, because it is such a long process and because Delaney isn’t an only child, I figured that I would introduce you to the rest of the family.
I am not sure there is anyone that Delaney adores more than her oldest sister. Emily, 18, is a stud volleyball player at her college. She is an Art Major and would like to teach someday (or at least hang out at Starbucks and pretend to be snooty while discussing Picasso or Van Goober or something).
Mackenzie, 12, is our actress and performer. She has a heart of gold (Em’s is probably only gold plated) and also enjoys swimming and helping to lead worship for the kids at our church. She is in 6th grade and currently rocking the straight A’s.
Ashley, 9, hmm… How do I describe Ashley? Well, yesterday we passed the anesthesiologist in the hall so I introduced him to Ashley. He put out his hand and Ashley reached up and rubbed his very bald head! That’s Ashley. If we lived in Boston instead of Denver, I would say she is wicked smaht. She plays soccer and loves all things pig (and when I say all things pig I mean grown pigs, piglets, bacon, ham…).
Mom Stacey wears many hats. Some of you know her as Nurse Stacey because she is a kick butt nurse. Others know her as friend Stacey and she is fun, loyal, and much better than any golden retriever that I am making her sound like here

One thought on “Meet (some of) the supporting cast

  1. Your new normal will be great! Just know that GOD stretches us all, in different ways. We may not know at the time just what HE is doing BUT HE has a plan. The question is asked quite often in these times of darkness, ” If GOD loves me, why is HE doing this?” We may not know the answer for a long time but I believe it is so HE can show us something or help us to touch someone in a certain way.. GOD makes no mistakes, you guys and Delaney are placed here for a reason. One is to have those of us who have never met you and possibly may not ever meet you to LOVE you and help share your burdens. I, myself, am honored to be able to show love to you guys and PRAY unceasingly for healing and strength. GOD Bless and be strong!

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